How to Recover Cell Phone in Contact with Liquid?

how to recover cell phone in contact with liquid
how to recover cell phone in contact with liquid

The first operations made to the phones that come into contact with the liquid can leave permanent damage to the devices. Data Recovery Services General Manager Serap Günal, who states that many people act in panic and interfere with their phones incorrectly, shares the do's and don'ts for the health of phones exposed to liquid in 4 steps.

Especially with the arrival of the summer months, the phones taken to the pool and seaside can be damaged by being exposed to liquid contact. In such a case, the first intervention made by the users in panic causes permanent damage. Data Recovery Services General Manager Serap Günal, who draws attention to the fact that common mistakes such as drying with a hair dryer are made, lists the steps that users should and should not do in order to recover the device exposed to any liquid contact.

What to Do for Phones in Contact with Liquids

1. You should immediately take your phone out of the water. When your phone comes into contact with water, immediately remove it from the water. The less time you spend underwater, the less damage it will take.

2. You should turn off your phone immediately and not turn it on. After your phone gets wet, turn it off and don't try to turn it on again. Even though your phone seems to be working, you should consider that this is a false security situation.

3. You should remove the battery, SD card and SIM card. Remove other parts like battery, SD Card and sim card from your phone to avoid the possibility of electrical damage. This will allow your phone to dry without the parts inside, while also giving you a better chance of preventing your data from being lost.

4. You can dry your phone with a towel. In such a case, you can gently dry your phone with a towel or soft cloth. If you can absorb excess moisture from the device, the phone will be more likely to dry out.

Avoid These!

1. You should not try to open your phone. Trying to open the device after contact with water is one of the biggest mistakes. Turning on your phone after the water damage has continued can cause a short circuit, as well as accelerate corrosion of internal parts.

2. You should not put your phone in the bowl of rice. One tactic used by many users to absorb moisture from the phone is to try the "rice trick". Rice can absorb some moisture, but it is unlikely to reach every area on the phone, especially smaller spots. Even though most of the water is gone, there is a chance that it will fail with the remaining water drops. It may also add starch and dust to the phone, which may cause further damage to your device.

3. You should not put your phone in cat litter or silica gel. Trying to put your device in cat litter or silica gel is another common mistake. These solutions are only temporary and not enough to save your phone from eventual failures. Also, studies report that simply setting your phone to air dry itself removes more water.

4. You should avoid using the dryer. Avoid using any heat source such as a hair dryer. This can overheat your phone, adding heat to water and electrical problems, and damaging components.

What Should Those Who Can't Recover Their Phones Do?

Serap Günal states that users who cannot save their phones but want to access the information inside should not hesitate to seek professional help in order to implement the necessary solutions, and recommends that the phones in question be delivered to the experts as soon as possible, by placing them in a closed package that is narrow enough to prevent the phone from moving and wrapping it in a paper towel. Sending the liquid sample that comes into contact with the device contributes greatly to determining the steps in the data recovery process.

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