Healing Depot 'Sourdough Bread'

healing store minus leavened bread
healing store minus leavened bread

Who can say no to a crispy, smoked bread? What about a delicious sourdough bread with the smell of sourdough as if touched by a mother's hand... He told about the sourdough bread that has been on our tables for years and accompanies our meals with dozens of varieties and whose benefits are innumerable.

Bread, which has always had an important place in Turkish culture, was made unleavened and lavash in order to last longer in the nomadic period, but with the transition to a settled life, it left its place to many different delicious varieties.

Bread, which has been on our tables for thousands of years and accompanies our meals with dozens of varieties, has started to enter both nutrition trends and diet lists with its healthy varieties, although it is a food that is tried to be kept at a distance at the call of nutritionists.

Digestive and gut friendly

Drawing attention to the importance of bread in Turkish culture, Lesaffre Turkey's Baking Center and Innovation Director Kerem Çetin talked about the benefits of sourdough bread, an old baker's yeast. Stating that bread prepared with sourdough, which is a traditional leavening method, is very rich in protein and vitamins, Çetin continued as follows: “As sourdough bread has a lower glycemic index than normal bread, it prevents blood sugar from suddenly rising. The normal course of blood sugar and insulin levels helps to eliminate the feeling of hunger that is often felt.

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