Shadow Horseman Exhibited at IDEF 2021 with Armed A-SCA Concept

golge suvari idef was also exhibited with the concept of armed a ika
golge suvari idef was also exhibited with the concept of armed a ika

The Shadow Horseman, developed by FNSS, is Ready for Different Missions with its High Mobility and Effective Hit Power Suitable for Difficult Conditions

FNSS continues its work on the use of Heavy Class Unmanned Ground Vehicles (A-SLA) in today's and future combat areas with the Shadow Horseman, which it introduced two years ago. The Shadow Horseman will be exhibited at IDEF 2021 with the armed A-SLA concept in addition to its autonomous capabilities.

FNSS develops the heavy class Unmanned Ground Vehicle prototype, designed in line with the autonomous requirements that best suit the operational concepts of the near future, by closely following the current technologies in the field of robotics and autonomous systems, with its own resources. The prototype vehicle showcases FNSS' Heavy Class Unmanned Ground Vehicle design concept together with its autonomous and remote command capabilities, offering both dehumanization capabilities, a fully unmanned ground vehicle, and autonomous capabilities that will contribute to operational concepts.

With the Shadow Horseman, where user safety is prioritized, the cognitive load of the user is alleviated thanks to the artificial intelligence supported autonomy kit, decision support systems, sensor sets, and positional and situational awareness systems, while minimizing threats, a concept that will provide the user with an advantage in risky tasks is aimed.

The vehicle, which is distinctive with its residential area camouflage, was designed in an open architecture to enable rapid adaptation of technological developments in hardware and software layers. It is aimed to use the vehicle, which can be remotely commanded and has autonomous mobility, with useful loads suitable for the task. The vehicle, which has a high level of human-machine interaction, can be used for reconnaissance, logistics, supply and fortification missions; It is aimed to increase the mission and operational capability of friendly elements in the field by providing support with autonomous capabilities such as patrolling, tracking and returning to base.

Equipped with the autonomy kit developed by FNSS

The Shadow Horseman, exhibited as part of the IDEF 2021 fair, is equipped with the autonomy kit developed by FNSS. An Autonomy Software Development Simulator was established to develop the Shadow Horseman autonomy kit. Autonomy Software Development Simulator basically has the following features and will demonstrate autonomous capabilities for various scenarios.

  • Realistic operational scenarios created in a three-dimensional virtual environment,
  • Controlling the vehicle with the remote control system,
  • Monitoring and transmitting the outputs of Situational Awareness (LIDAR, stereo camera, etc.) systems on the vehicle to the Remote Control Unit,
  • Human detection and tracking capability,
  • Testing driver assistance system algorithms,
  • Infrastructure for the development and testing of autonomy algorithms such as sensor fusion, positioning, detection, machine learning, decision making under different conditions,
  • Shadow Horseman following the given waypoints and monitoring his/her behavior in the disabled/unimpeded environment,
  • An online demonstration of the Shadow Horseman's return-to-home and patrol algorithms at communication constraints that allow communication to be interrupted and returned to the point where it started.

the firepower of the new configuration of the Shadow Horseman; It is provided by a new generation remote-controlled turret with 25mm automatic cannon, also designed specifically for the project by FNSS.

With the Shadow Cavalry, the first heavy-duty unmanned land vehicle of our country with its technological infrastructure and design features, FNSS offers our Armed Forces the opportunity to be among the few armies that have a vehicle in this category in their inventory, if needed.

Source: defenceturk

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