Fire Training for ANFA Personnel from Ankara Fire Department

fire drill training for ANFA personnel from Ankara fire brigade
fire drill training for ANFA personnel from Ankara fire brigade

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department, which continues its firefighting in the capital city, gave fire drill training to the landscape personnel of ANFA Security and ANFA General Directorate. ANFA Security and ANFA General Directorate landscape personnel, consisting of a total of 1 people, received theoretical and practical training in the exercise that took place in Çubuk-93 Dam Recreation Area.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has accelerated the training activities for its personnel in order to draw attention to the vital importance of the measures to be taken after the forest fires and painful losses in the country.

In this context, the Department of Fire Brigade provided both theoretical and practical training to ANFA Security and ANFA General Directorate landscape personnel with a fire drill.

Exercise at Çubuk-1 Dam Recreation Area

Ankara Fire Department participated in the exercise held at Çubuk-1 Dam Recreation Area with its 8-person team, with 2 fire trucks and 1 tanker.

During the training, a team of 63 people, consisting of 30 ANFA Security and 93 ANFA General Directorate landscape personnel, were informed about fire types and fire response principles.

"We are responding to the fire area with 20 vehicles and 45 personnel"

Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department 2nd Regional Chief Orhan Özülüş gave the following information regarding the purpose of the exercise:

“Forest fires that have occurred in recent days have surrounded our country. As Ankara Fire Department, we intervene in the fire area with 20 vehicles and 45 personnel. In this direction, we gave fire drills to ANFA personnel in Çubuk-1 Dam Recreation Area in order to be more sensitive to forest fires occurring around Ankara. We aim for our friends to be more educated and sensitive to fires.”

ANFA Security Deputy General Manager Murat Aydın drew attention to the importance of fire training and said:

“While in this training study, it is aimed to provide the company personnel in the field with the knowledge and skills that can minimize the damages that may occur in fire and disasters, and as a result of the training, intervention methods were given without panicking as if a big fire broke out at their duty points. Our training will continue throughout the field.”

life saving training

Metropolitan personnel who participated in the fire drill explained that they learned a lot of important information about the protection of green areas with the training they received:

Muttalip Türkmen (Çubuk-1 Dam ANFA Security 1st Shift Team Chief): “The fire drill training held at the Çubuk-1 Dam was very beneficial for us. We were shown how to respond to the fire and what we should do.”

Isa Diver (ANFA Security staff): “We have seen clearly and clearly how we should intervene during a fire and how we should extinguish the fire. It has been a very useful training for us.”

Volkan Bölükbaşı (Çubuk-1 Dam ANFA Security Officer): “The fire drill training given by the Ankara Fire Department was very positive for us. In particular, most of our friends did not know the use of fire extinguishers and we learned this.

İsa Yıldırım (Landscape staff of ANFA General Directorate): “This training was very useful for us, we learned many subjects that we did not know.”

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