FIM Speedway GP Excitement Continues at Skrotfrag Arena, Sweden.

fim peedway gp excitement continues in skrotfrag arena
fim peedway gp excitement continues in skrotfrag arena

📩 14/08/2021 13:31

The next race of the 11 calendar in the Speedway Grand Prix, the 2021-foot dirt race series of the International Motorcycle Federation FIM, which is followed with interest all over the world, will be run on Saturday, August 14 at the Skrotfrag Arena in Sweden.

The efforts of the engineers of Turkish tire manufacturer Anlas for the last three years in the Speedway championship, which is known as the crazy struggle of motorcycles without brakes on the dirt ground, bears fruit in the 2021 season. In the Speedway Grand Prix, where Anlas racing tires, all developed by Turkish engineers, are one of the serial sponsors, 2021 races have been run so far in the 6 season. At the end of the six races, Bartosz Zmarzlik is the leader with 101 points, while Anlas athlete Artem Laguta is in the second place by 1 point. Despite the possibility of using different brands of tires, almost all athletes prefer Anlas, followed by Fredrik Lindgren with 80 points, Emil Sayfutdinov with 79 points and Maciej Janowski with 72 points.

All 1 pilots who competed in the FIM Speedway Grand Prix, which will end with the double race on October 2–16, preferred Anlas tires, demonstrating their confidence in the brand.

FIM Speedway official at 7:2021 CEST, 20 Swedish FIM Speedway Grand Prix, the 00th race of the season youtube with a channel You can watch live on.

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