Eyiste Viaduct Will Be Turkey's Highest Footed Bridge

Eyiste Viaduct will be Turkey's highest footed bridge
Eyiste Viaduct will be Turkey's highest footed bridge

Work continues on the Eyiste Viaduct, which will connect the Central Anatolia and the Mediterranean regions and will be Turkey's highest viaduct when completed. Eyiste Viaduct, which was designed on 42 middle piers and 166 side piers with heights varying between 8 – 2 m according to the Balanced Console Construction Method, will be the highest pier in Turkey with this feature.

With a total length of 1.372 meters, the width of the viaduct will be 25 meters. The viaduct, which will serve as a total of 2 lanes of 4 lanes on the round-trip route, will reduce the 8 percent slope at the Eyiste Stream crossing to 2,30 percent. Thus, the Eyiste Stream, which is crossed with a steep slope and sharp bend, will significantly relieve transportation and the distance will be shortened by 4 thousand 400 meters.

In the project, the superstructure productions on the middle legs are continuing, the elevation works on 8 middle legs and 2 side legs have been completed. The construction of the 44 percent part of the bridge, in which 70 percent progress has been made in the superstructure productions, has been completed.

With the completion of Eyiste Viaduct, time, travel comfort and driving safety and road standards will be increased on the Konya-Hadim-Tashkent-Alanya route, which is one of the important arteries of Turkey's north-south axis; By saving time and fuel, a significant contribution will be made to the country's economy. Eyiste Viaduct is planned to be completed in 2022.



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