Eşrefpaşa Hospital Palliative Care Center Gets Full Marks From Patients

esrefpasa hospital palliative care center got full marks from patients
esrefpasa hospital palliative care center got full marks from patients

The centennial health institution of the city, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital, has added a new ring to its services. Thanks to the Palliative Care Center with a capacity of 20 beds established within the hospital, the quality of life of the patients was increased and the burden on the shoulders of those who took care of the patients was relieved.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital, which is referred to as the only municipal hospital in Turkey, received full marks from the patients with the Palliative Care Center it implemented. With its expert team and friendly staff, Eşrefpaşa Hospital provides services to patients who need care support due to cancer, neurological diseases, advanced organ failure, COPD and malnutrition at its Palliative Care Center.

Esrefpasa Hospital Palliative Care Center Opened

It has a capacity of 20 beds

Anesthesiologist, one of the doctors of the Palliative Care Center, Uzm. Dr. Kaan Karadibak stated that they were faced with a high demand for patients and said, “Since March, we have undertaken the care process of patients in our center. Our center, which was planned with a 12-bed capacity, was increased to 20 bed capacity in line with the demands and the decisions taken by the hospital management. We are currently treating our patients in two of our wards. In our service, 2 physicians, 20 nurses, 1 physiotherapist, 1 psychologist, 12 personnel and 1 nutritionist serve.

The companion also participates in the process

Anesthesiologist Dr. Dr. Hakan Özsel, on the other hand, stated that they start their day with a visit every morning and said, “One of the important aspects of the Palliative Care Center is that we provide psychological and social support to the patients' families and companions, who have difficulties in making decisions about care options. Here, we also provide training on patient care and patient approach to those who will care for patients who are cured and return home. In a way, we are preparing them for the process to be experienced in this center. We aim to ensure that the comfort of our patients continues at home as well.”

5-star hotel comfort

Gülnaz Arabacı said that they came to İzmir from Balıkesir for radiation therapy with the diagnosis of lung cancer, and said, “We came to İzmir from Gömeç for treatment. Since we did not have a place to stay, we took advantage of this service of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Everyone, from doctors to nurses, is very caring. There is the comfort of a 5-star hotel here. From food to bathroom service, there are all amenities. We can even wash our laundry here. Everything is square. We couldn't be this comfortable even in our home, whatever we want is in front of us. We are very satisfied,” he said.

Metin Yumak, who stated that they preferred Eşrefpaşa Hospital Palliative Care Center for the treatment of his paralyzed wife, said, “The interest of both nurses and doctors here is extraordinary. It is very difficult to care for bedridden patients at home. My wife has been bedridden for 2 years and I am taking care of her. It is very difficult to cope with the disease alone. While my wife couldn't even open her eyes, she started to show signs of recovery with the attention of doctors and caregivers here.

“Hand baby rose baby we are being looked after”

Doctor Ercan Olut, who has been working as a clinical microbiology specialist for 55 years, broke his back 7 months ago and started to benefit from Palliative Care Service. Olut said: “We visited 3 hospitals and did not see the service here. During the years I was a doctor, I did not work with an institution that provided such a service. I will stay here for 15 days. The service shown, the value given to the patients is huge. Everyone here loves their job. We are being looked after by baby roses here.”

What is Palliative Care Service?

Palliative care is a form of care focused on relieving the suffering of the patient and improving the quality of life. This care is a service offered to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of cancer disease and its treatment. It is also known as "supportive care". The duration of care varies according to the level and stage of the patient's disease.

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