What You Need to Know About Disabled Driving

What you need to know about disabled driving
What you need to know about disabled driving

In order to raise the living standards of the disabled and to enable them to continue their lives more easily, there are various facilities provided by the state, especially the excise duty exemption. In order to access these facilities, it is only necessary to fulfill certain conditions. Moreover, disabled drivers are provided with various opportunities not only when purchasing a vehicle, but also for driving license and some payments. Who Can Benefit From SCT Exemption? Can a Vehicle Purchased with SCT Exemption be Sold? How to Get Disabled License? How to Benefit from Motor Vehicles Tax Exemption?

In this article, we will talk about some points you need to know about the purchase and use of a disabled vehicle. First of all, “What is SCT exemption?” and “How can you benefit from SCT exemption when purchasing a vehicle?” Let's answer questions like:

Who Can Benefit From SCT Exemption?

Special Consumption Tax (SCT) is collected from vehicle sales at various rates depending on the engine cylinder volume, sales amount, area of ​​use, vehicle type and model. Depending on the type of vehicle, SCT rates can start from 45% and reach up to 225%. Disabled people, on the other hand, can be exempt from SCT so that they can easily access the vehicles. In order to benefit from this situation, first of all, it is necessary to have a disability health report.

In order to benefit from the SCT exemption, before purchasing a vehicle, it is necessary to obtain a health report from a health institution with the phrase "Can drive a vehicle with SCT exemption" in order to declare the disability. If the disability level stated in the report is above 90%, an unconditional exemption is provided, while people with a disability rate below 90% can benefit from the SCT exemption by making arrangements only for their disability in the car they will buy.

In order for the driver with a disability rate below 90% to use his own vehicle, a TSE-approved apparatus arrangement must be made. Anyone with a disability of 90% or more can use their vehicle, regardless of the degree of proximity.

If the disabled person needs to drive a vehicle with parts according to his disability, the statement "He drives an equipped vehicle" should definitely be included in the health report he receives. If there is no need for any equipment, the phrases "Takes advantage of SCT reduction without equipment" and "Only automatic transmission vehicles can drive" should also be included.

Can a Vehicle Purchased with SCT Exemption be Sold?

If you have a disability and you have purchased your vehicle with SCT exemption, if you sell it within 5 years, you will be obliged to pay the SCT that you were exempt from before. In addition, you cannot buy a vehicle without SCT for the second time in 5 years.

However, if the vehicle has become "pert" and scrapped as a result of any natural disaster or accident, you can own another vehicle with SCT exemption under the same conditions, even if it has not been 5 years since the first purchase date of the vehicle.

Finally, as of 2021, the upper limit for the purchase of SCT-exempt disabled vehicles has been determined as 330.800 TL. For more detailed information about SCT exemption, you can visit our SCT Exempt Sales page.

How to Get a Disabled License?

Until 2016, disabled drivers were given class H driver's licenses. Now, in new driver's license applications, instead of class H driver's license, A and B class driver's licenses with the phrase "disabled" are given. For this, the disabled driver must obtain a health report from a full-fledged hospital that indicates that he can obtain a disabled driver's license.

All procedures valid for other candidates in driver's license exams are also valid for disabled driver candidates. Like other driver candidates, it is necessary to go to the course and take both the written and practical driver's license exam. The only difference between disabled driver candidates and other driver candidates is that they will take the driving test in a specially equipped vehicle suitable for their disability.

In order to get a class B driver's license, it is enough that you have graduated from primary school and turned 18 years old. However, if you want to get a class A driver's license, you must be at least 20 years old and have a two-year A2 driver's license.

In cases of disability that occurs later, if you previously had a class A or B driver's license, you can apply for a driver's license by obtaining a health report and have a driver's license with the phrase "disabled".

How to Benefit from Motor Vehicles Tax Exemption?

When purchasing a vehicle, the tax-free raw costs and engine volumes of the vehicles are evaluated, and SCT and other taxes are added to the sales price of the vehicle. The tax amount for commercial vehicles such as pickup trucks, trucks or tow trucks is also quite different.

For example, 2000% SCT is charged for vehicles with a cylinder volume of more than 220 cc and no tax-free sales amount limit. In addition, 18% Value Added Tax (VAT) is added on top of this SCT rate.

Motor Vehicles Tax (MTV) is the vehicle tax determined and requested by the Revenue Administration (GİB) according to the age, engine volume and number of seats of motor land vehicles. For commercial vehicles such as pickup trucks, trucks, tow trucks, this tax rate is determined according to the maximum total weight and age. Disabled drivers who buy vehicles with SCT exemption are also exempt from MTV.

You can review the Motor Vehicles Tax General Communiqués page of the Revenue Administration to learn about the current tax status on vehicles.

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