E-Aid Period Coming for Restaurants and Cafes

e addition period is coming for restaurants and cafes
e addition period is coming for restaurants and cafes

New e-Document applications continue to be added by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance Revenue Administration (GİB). Thanks to e-Document e-Compliance (e-invoice, e-archive invoice, e-ledger, e-waybill, e-SMM) applications, which reduce paper usage and spread digitalization, businesses save time, money and workload, they manage their commercial business processes effectively and efficiently. What are the stages of e-Addition? What information is contained in the e-Addition document?

The next document in the e-Transformation process is the e-Addition. e-Abid is not a new type of document, it is the arrangement of the ticket documents issued in paper form by service companies serving at the table as "e-Abid" in electronic environment. In accordance with the General Communiqué on Tax Procedure Law No. 185, 200, 298 and 299; It is aimed to facilitate the business processes of service enterprises such as restaurants, cafeterias, patisseries, bars and casinos that serve at the table. As with other e-Document e-Compliance applications, the e-Addition includes processes such as issuing, keeping and presenting the document in electronic environment, sending the document to the GİB in electronic environment and archiving it in electronic environment.

What are the stages of e-Addition?

A service business that will switch to e-Addition must first be included in e-Invoice and e-Archive Invoice. Then, necessary preparations must be made in accordance with the procedures and principles in the Communiqué. Afterwards, the application phase is started in order to be able to switch to the e-Abid application. Businesses generally switch to e-Document e-Compliance applications with the private integrator method. The digital transformation leader, private integrator Uyumsoft, with its 25 years of experience, provides value-added services to over 50 thousand customers, enabling them to manage all their business processes from end to end, independently of the location. It continues to provide customer satisfaction with uninterrupted service, 7/24 support, fast activation, free training and a rich product range. Detailed information about e-Addition is given by Uyumsoft's digital transformation experts.

Within the scope of Covid-19 measures, digitalization studies such as product selection with data matrix and menu presentation with mobile devices have started within the scope of tablet application in many restaurants, cafeterias, bars etc. Within the scope of the Communiqué, businesses will be able to carry out their e-Addition documents through these devices.

In addition, the e-Addition document technical guide was published by the Revenue Administration on 30 July 2021. Here, the technical information that will be needed by the people and institutions that will develop the software regarding the processes such as creating the e-Abid document, signing with a financial seal and a time stamp, and transferring the generated reports to the RA system is detailed in detail.

What information is contained in the e-Addition document?

The invoice documents, which are prepared to show the type and amount of the service or commodity offered by the service enterprises that are taxed in real way, will be issued electronically by the taxpayers included in the e-Addition application, in the content that will contain the minimum information determined by the Revenue Administration when ordering from the customer and in the specified document format.

In a service business such as a restaurant, patisserie, cafeteria, bar, casino, when the customer arrives, it is not obligatory to have the paper printout of the e-Addition document to be opened on the customer's desk; or a retail sales receipt to be issued in new generation ÖKCs.

When we look at the information that should be on the e-Addition document, we can say the following; first of all, the title of the service business, its TCKN/VKN, tax office and address. The document has the date of issue, the time in hours and minutes, and the e-document number. The name and quantity of the service or product to be offered to the customer is written. Upon the completion of the service, the total service amount including and excluding VAT is included in the sales receipt to be issued in e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice or ÖKC's. The singular number of the e-Invoice and e-Archive Invoice to which the e-Abid document to be issued is related, or the device registration number of the ÖKC to which the retail sales receipt is issued.

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