Caution When Getting Lip Filling!

Caution While Having Lip Filling
Caution While Having Lip Filling

Ear Nose and Throat Specialist Op. Dr. Mehmet Sucubaşı gave information about the subject. Women's understanding of beauty changes over time kazanis gone. Different lip models at different times coincide with the perception of beauty. In the past, thin lips and small mouth structure coincided with the understanding of beauty, but today, fuller, lively and bright lips overlap with the perception of beauty.

Is Lip Filling Done Everywhere?

Lip filling is actually a situation that requires the same attention and care as an artist exhibits his work. The fact that the lips are among the visible areas is a situation that reveals the seriousness of the procedure. Lip filling is important both in terms of aesthetics and health. In this process, which should be applied by experts, clean and hygiene standards should be applied.

Filling takes its place in the literature as a simple local anesthesia procedure. Although it is not a surgical procedure, the patient's health status, allergies and wishes should be considered. Even if the filling is a temporary procedure, it should be taken into account that the patient will remain with this procedure for at least 4 months. Therefore, it should be applied by experienced, expert people.

Lip Filling Time

The permanence of the filling process is determined as an average of 4 months. However, this period may be extended or shortened according to the individual. Depending on the person's metabolic rate, the duration of the filling is reduced or shortened. Therefore, it would not be correct to say that you will use it during the first filling process. The expiration of the filling can be repeated if it loses its former fullness or vitality.

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