Domestic and National Sunflower Seeds Coming to the World Market in 2022

local and national sunflower seeds are also on the world market
local and national sunflower seeds are also on the world market

Domestic and national sunflower seeds enter the world market in 2022 Trial plantings of domestic and national sunflower seeds have been successfully completed. Sunflower seeds, whose numbers are not exceeding 5 fingers of a hand, are monopolized by the company. Turkey is preparing to enter the world market.

Trial sowing of domestic and national sunflower seeds in Hayrabolu district of Tekirdag resulted in success. Domestic and national sunflower seeds, whose trial plantings have been completed, will be released in 2022. Trakya Development Agency General Secretary Mahmut Şahin, Trakya Tohum Board Member Birol Tarar and Thrace Seed Growers Association President İbrahim Toruk examined the domestic and national sunflower trial field in Hayrabolu district. Sunflower seeds, which are monopolized by the company, whose numbers do not exceed 5 fingers of a hand worldwide, are preparing to enter the market in Turkey. The sunflower trial fields, which were planted in Tekirdağ's Hayrabolu District and resulted in success, were also viewed from the air with a drone.

“Sale to the Whole Country Will Be Realized”

Trakya Development Agency Secretary General Mahmut Şahin said, “We are in the field where the last sunflower experiment is done in Hayrabolu. As Trakya Development Agency, we have made the last trial production of the sunflower seed belonging to Trakya Tohum, which we established 3 years ago, with local and national R&D studies, today. It has been registered. Hopefully it will be sold to the whole country next year. As you know, it is very difficult and costly to produce, R&D, and sell sunflowers. Many countries cannot do this. Only 3-4 companies around the world have monopolized it. We, as Turkey, started to think about whether we could succeed in this business in areas with fertile lands such as Thrace together with our companies, especially as Trakya, 2 years ago. Thankfully, the fact that our sunflower seed, which has reached a certain stage today and will be produced next year, is very valuable and important for our seed companies in Thrace, both for our Development Agency and our ministry. Hopefully, we will continue our efforts in barley, wheat and other seeds.”

Birol Tarar, on the other hand, said in his statement, “We have an export target to be able to take place in the international market, apart from the national market, after this time, in order to introduce the domestic and national sunflower seeds, which we will first put on sale in 2022, to the market. As well as its contribution to Turkish farmers, it is a cooperation model for what we can do in seed production after the seed law in our export target. We started with the best, and you will see the result of this work in different ways in the future. It is our target in overseas sales of products with high added value. We will take our place in the market to make a difference in future studies.”

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