If Your Diet Has Failed, These Could Be the Reasons!

If your diet has failed, these may be the reasons.
If your diet has failed, these may be the reasons.

Istanbul Okan University Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Dyt. Derya Fidan explained the most common mistakes dieters make without realizing it.

Most of us have been on a diet at some point in our lives. He tried the programs we heard about to lose weight quickly, maybe he lost weight, but then he gained more. Most of the time, you can follow the wrong diets with the desire to lose weight fast. Or you may feel that you are not losing weight fast enough despite sticking to the diet. No matter how healthy you eat or how often you exercise, many people make the same diet mistakes. These mistakes are not only aimless pursuits that make us tired and distracted from dieting, but also cause us to gain more weight while deteriorating our health.

Counting every calorie

While dieting, it is desirable that the calorie is less than the normal need, but remember that the quality and content of the foods you consume are much more important than the calories. If you don't consider your protein needs while trying to consume less calories, you may experience muscle loss. Studies have shown that people who eat low-glycemic-index carbohydrates lose more weight than those who eat the same calories but higher-glycemic-index carbohydrates.

be weighed every day

Being weighed is the most important factor that can demoralize you during a weight loss diet. Changes can be seen even during the day; As edema increase, constipation can affect the total weight, you may see yourself gaining weight when you are on the scale. This situation may vary more especially in women. Unfortunately, it is possible to obtain the correct weighing result only 2 times a month due to the much more intense changing body balances such as menstrual periods and ovulation periods. For this reason, you should be weighed at least once a week, if possible, under the control of your dietitian, without being demotivated.

not drinking water

Water is essential for digesting nutrients, removing metabolic wastes, accelerating metabolism and therefore weight loss. The person should consume an average of 30 cc of water per day per own weight. Tea, coffee, fruit juice or herbal teas drunk during the day do not replace water. Just as we need water to clean your body, pure water is needed for cleaning our internal organs and increasing metabolic rate. Thinking about it this way can be more motivating.

Removing the foods you love from your life

You never have to say goodbye to your favorite foods to lose weight. You need to pay attention to your nutrition throughout your life, but rewarding yourself from time to time will trigger your motivation. After learning adequate and balanced nutrition, you can consume your favorites during the diet period. It is only necessary to know the amount while consuming and the importance of nutrition that should be done afterwards.

Eating the same foods all the time

One of the most common mistakes made in dieting is the thought "I can lose more weight if I always eat the same foods". This is not the right approach, as weight may cause loss of muscle strength, not fat weight. The more colorful and varied the diet, the more it will be possible to provide the body with the amount of essential amino acids and complex carbohydrates, as well as the variety of vitamins and minerals taken, and a healthier weight loss will be achieved.

Trying to consume the same calories at every meal

In your diet program, aiming for 1500 kcal and dividing it into 6 meals and trying to get 250 kcal in each meal both puts the person in trouble and ceases to be a correct way of application. While the breakfast meal should be 400-450 kcal, it is supported by studies that the main meal at lunch should be in the range of 300-350 kcal. Complementing the breakfast meal with a more intense preference will provide successful results in the weight loss process by providing less calories during the day. Keeping it in the range of 100-200 kcal from the snacks consumed during the day will be the most correct approach.

Reducing movement as you lose weight

Approaching the goal while aiming for weight loss can affect the motivation of the person, causing more evasiveness and less action. But remember that; The most difficult weight is the last 2-3 kilos and it is a period that needs attention and increases the movement.

Eating fast food

Eating time should be extended as much as possible. Thus, less food will be eaten and digestive enzymes will be secreted. When fast food is eaten, digestion slows down, which causes weight gain.

Perception of "Fruit does not make you gain weight, it can be eaten unlimitedly in the diet"

Vegetables are low in calories as they are high in water and fiber. Lettuce, mint, parsley, arugula, pepper, tomato, cucumber can be preferred raw. However, watermelon, grapes, figs, etc. Fruit changes should be consumed at a limited level due to the fructose sugar in their content.

Wanting to lose weight quickly

Everyone wants to get rid of their excess weight as soon as possible, but quickly lost weight can be quickly regained. The important thing is to acquire a healthy, adequate, balanced diet.

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