Diaspora International Short Film Festival Meets with Cinema Lovers

diaspora international short film festival meets with moviegoers
diaspora international short film festival meets with moviegoers

Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) in corporate business partnership with Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT); With the support of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Cinema and Global Communications Partner Anadolu Agency; Diaspora International Short Film Festival, which will offer the opportunity to show different cultures, traditions and customs together through diaspora communities, in the organization of Boğaziçi Culture and Arts Foundation, will bring together the audience with a strong selection of films. In its first year, a total of 6 films from 3123 continents submitted applications and 24 films were qualified to be finalists. kazanThe festival will be held at Atlas Cinema between 27-29 August. The festival, which will show the common issues of diaspora societies, their efforts to cling to life, and the similar lives of diasporas from different countries and origins, will take moviegoers on a journey through different worlds with a carefully selected selection of films and side events.

5.000 € for the Best Film in the Turkish-Speaking Films Competition Category

In the Turkish-Speaking Films Competition Category, which includes films shot in Turkish and/or Turkish dialects, among the films to be evaluated by the jury members, Nazim Şerbetov's 28, which tells about what he saw in a dream of a woman who fell asleep during the war in Karabakh, and Çağıl Bocut's modern Turkish Brigitte Bardot, Gülden Gevher Özve Olcay Seda Özaltan's consolation before the separation of two close friends from Muslim and Jewish families, focusing on her family's encounters with an exchange student coming from France to befriend their daughter during the summer vacation. sohbetThe wedding photo, which describes the disappointment of Reyhan, who went to Germany as a bride, in a photography studio, describes the reaction of Roman Hodel as a result of the pressure faced by the referee of a football match, and is also in the selection of the Venice Film Festival. "The Referee", "Climate Change", which presents the feeling of alienation experienced by Yasemin Demirci who went to London to complete her university education. , Sezer Salihi's birthday, which was also included in DokuFest, and Metin remembers the earthquake that destroyed eighty percent of Skopje on July 25, 1963. kazanThe film Delivery, which was screened at the Turin Film Festival, and focuses on the conflict between Hüseyin Aydın Gürsoy's wife, Elif, who works in France, about whether to return to Turkey in order to offer her son a better future. Being a Dust, the film that competed at the Festival International du Cinéma Méditerranéen de Montpellier, Emir Külal Haznevi's High Altitude or The Strangeness of Things, which tells how 8-year-old Zehra accidentally saved the life of her uncle, who was working as a worker in Germany, and Hatip Karabudak's war. The Color of Time is about the struggle for existence of 12-year-old Ali Raşid, who escaped to Istanbul.

In this category, the Best Film Award kazanan movie 5.000€, TRT Special Award kazanAn movie won €2.500 and the Second Best Film Award. kazanThe moment the film will win a cash prize of €1.500.

12 Films from Distinguished Festivals in the Foreign Language Films Competition Category

Among the films to be evaluated by the jury members in the Foreign Language Films Competition Category, which includes diaspora-themed films shot in a language other than Turkish, at the festival, Mahdi Fleifel's 3 Logical Exits, which presents a sociological analysis of the different solutions that Palestinian youth resorted to in order to eliminate the bad living conditions in the camps, and their experiences. , A Year in Exile, a film by Malaz Usta, which tells the first year of a young man in Istanbul and won an award from the Bosphorus Film Festival, tells the story of a young Korean-American swindler who owns Jason Park's mobile gift shop and sells in the city of Chicago. and Bj's Mobile Gift Shop, Sandra Desmazieres' film, which previously competed at the Sundance Film Festival, which deals with the letters written by two sisters who grew up in Vietnam but had to be dispersed to the North and South due to the war, and which is written at the Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival. Show also in Focusing on the tension-filled moments Morad Mostafa had with the bride he met at a wedding to the Sudanese artist Halima, Henet Ward was featured in Viv Li's Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival and is an art student who has been abroad for ten years. Reflecting a sad but humorous account of his trip to Beijing, I Don't Feel At Home Anywhere Anymore is Shahi Derky's film Leftovers, Maximilian Badier- Malabar, which also featured in Rosenthal's Clermond-Ferrand Film Festival program and deals with Mourad and Harrison's encounter with an old man of Vietnamese origin, returning to their suburban home at night, is Denise Fernandes's forced return to see her brother who passed away 14 years after she left her homeland. Presenting Salomé's spiritual journey, Nha Mila is the story of Florence Bamba, a young French girl of Senegalese descent. Number 10, which tells about his soccer training with his friends, Tha Affected, which is in Rikke Gregersen's Sundance Film Festival selection and the events that took place on the plane facing a problem minutes before takeoff, and Natalia Luque's Colombian Rocio, who lives in New York, is about to pass away. The Virgin, The Old Lady, and The Journey films, which tell the farewell to their grandmother, who was born with the help of technology, and which were included in the Palm Springs International Film Festival selection, are featured.

Best Film Award in this category kazanan movie 5.000€, Special Jury Prize kazanAn movie won €2.500 and the Second Best Film Award. kazanThe moment the film will win a cash prize of €1.500.

An Award for the Best Diaspora Story From the Audience

Films at the Diaspora International Short Film Festival will compete for another award in addition to the category awards. All films in the program will be available online at festivalscope.com as well as screenings in the hall. Cinema lovers who watch the films at this address or in the hall will then vote on the festival's website diasporafilmfestival.com to determine the winner of the Audience Award worth 500€.

Jury Members to Evaluate Films

Six jury members will evaluate a total of 24 films in the Foreign Language Films Competition Category, which includes films shot in a language other than Turkish, and the Turkish-Speaking Films Competition Category, which includes films shot in Turkish and/or Turkish dialects, and determine the winners of the awards. The jury members of the first year of the festival consist of Director Anthony Nti, Asian World Film Festival Director Asel Sherniyazova, Baku International Short Film Festival Director Fehruz Shamiyev, Sarajevo Film Center Director Ines Tanović, Director Nariman Aliev and Writer and Producer Samed Karagöz.

All Screenings at the Festival are Free!

All screenings will be free of charge at the festival, which will bring together 24 films from different countries of the world with moviegoers. In order to spare time for the health of the audience and disinfection in the halls, the screening hours of the festival, where three sessions will be held a day, are determined as 14.00, 17.00 and 20.00.

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