A New Living Space Is Being Built in Derince

a new living space is being built deeply
a new living space is being built deeply

Derince Mayor Aygün, 40 thousand square meters of qualified active green area in Derince kazandıracak examined the ongoing works in Cımbızdere Recreation Area on site

Cımbizdere Recreation Area

A new living space is being built in Derince, which resembles a hidden paradise on all sides with its mountain and sea views. Many projects from Youth Centers to sports complexes, from urban renewal works to agricultural development moves have been brought to Derince in the district, where projects are put into service one by one under the management of Mayor Aygün. kazanyelled. One of the most recent projects in the district is the Cımbızdere Recreation Area project. With the Cımbızdere Recreation Area project, which was implemented in cooperation with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Derince Municipality, a new living space in the region kazanbeing yelled.

Social Facilities and Green Spaces

Derince Mayor Zeki Aygün, who went to the region and examined the works, said, “With the goal of a more beautiful Derince, a new living space for our district. kazanwe are raising. Together with our Metropolitan Municipality, 40 thousand square meters of qualified active green area in our district. kazanOur work continues in the Cımbızdere Recreation Area. Our project includes walking path, bicycle path, sitting and resting areas, orchard, amphitheater, social facility, football field, children's playgrounds and fitness groups. Good luck to our Derince in advance," he said.

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