Increase Rate of Civil Servants and Civil Servants Retired Announced

civil servants and retirees raise rate has been announced
civil servants and retirees raise rate has been announced

During the 6th Term Collective Agreement process, which started in August, Memur-Sen and the Public Employer came to an agreement. There will be an increase of 2022% in total for two years, 5% + 7% for 2023 and 8% + 6% for 26. In addition to the proportional increase, many new kazanMemur-Sen and the Public Employer reached an agreement on the project.

Making statements regarding the agreement reached at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Memur-Sen Chairman Ali Yalçın said, “At this point, there is a 2022% increase in salaries and wages, with 5 + 7 percent for 2023 and 8 + 6 percent for 26. we provided. We increased the lowest salary of unionized civil servants with Administrative Service contracts by 37%. A new member of the union will receive a 32.45% increase in the Salary of the Single Servant. With these data: The Salary of a 15'1 Married and Unemployed Union Employee with 2 Children: It will have increased from 4.983 TL to 2 TL in 6.516 years. Union Salary with Administrative Service Contract, Married and Unemployed with 2 Children: It will increase from 4.009 TL to 2 TL in 6.883 years”.

Emphasizing that the 6th Term Collective Agreement constitutes a milestone for the organization and labor in Turkey, Yalçın said, “We will get a share of prosperity. The share reflected in the Collective Agreement Desk and Text today will also enter the payroll in the future, I believe. Another important development; Collective Bargaining Desk has proven that it attaches importance and value to organization with a special and high increase in the Collective Bargaining Bonus. We increased the Collective Agreement Bonus from 134 TL to 400 TL. By the end of the agreement, the Collective Agreement Bonus will increase approximately 3 times. 3600 Additional Indicators and Contracts; It will be worked on and completed with the joint work of us and the public sector in 2022 without any preliminary restrictions.”

Yalcin, “6. I would like to thank our Honorable President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who provided great contribution and support to the conclusion of the Collective Agreement, and Vedat Bilgin, who put positive energy into both the process and the result with his solution-oriented approaches in negotiations and his experience in working life, and his team. The struggle and the negotiation kazanIt has been the most reformist and most inclusive Collective Agreement. I would also like to thank the Press Workers who did not leave us alone.”

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