Çağatay İHA Attracted Great Interest at IDEF Fair

great interest in cagatay ihaya idef
great interest in cagatay ihaya idef

📩 20/08/2021 14:02

Turkey's innovative UAV manufacturer, UAVERA, exhibited its capabilities in its field at IDEF 2021 15th International Defense Industry Fair. Many domestic and foreign participants participating in the fair showed great interest in UAVERA products.

International Defense Industry Fair IDEF'21 was held at Istanbul TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center between 17-20 August under the auspices of the Presidency and the Ministry of National Defense. At the fair attended by many companies, UAVERA, the UAV manufacturer within the body of Coşkunöz Holding, also exhibited the Çağatay UAV, which was designed with national means.

Eyes on Çağatay UAV

Çağatay İHA attracted great attention from the visitors from the opening of IDEF'21 until the last day. UAVERA stand at the Ministry of National Defense Procurement Services General Manager İsmail Altıntaş and his delegation, Azerbaijan Defense Industry Minister Madat Guliyev, the Republic of Uzbekistan delegation, Nigeria Land Forces Command delegation, Cameroon Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo and his delegation, Land Forces Command, Gendarmerie General Command, National Defense Ministry of Defense, Presidency of Defense Industry and many company officials visited. The participants who came to the fair because they were interested in the defense industry were also very interested in Çağatay UAV. Visitors received detailed information about the features of the UAV during the fair.

Çağatay UAV stands out in its own lane

Produced by UAVERA with the support of Coşkunöz Holding, Çağatay UAV set out to become the market leader and technology developer in the small vertical take-off UAV and target UAV market in Turkey. Aiming to develop domestic and national UAV and flight control systems, UAVERA's Çağatay Unmanned Aerial Vehicle CGT50 stands out with its distinctive features in its own lane. These UAVs, which can take off and take off vertically without the need for a runway, can then activate their gasoline engine and perform their duties. Equipped with domestic software and controllers, UAVs can operate fully autonomously in harsh weather conditions. Çağatay UAV, which is in the under-cloud UAV class, is the leader in its class with up to 6 hours of flight time and a communication range of up to 150 kilometers. Çağatay UAV reinforces this leadership with its satellite control, sense-and-avoid, anti-collision and swarm capabilities added in 2021. Currently, UAVERA, which has the capacity to produce 3 systems and 6 aircraft and its sub-components per month, works with the aim of providing products and services for civilian use.

Integrated into HAVELSAN HARBİYE System

Çağatay İHA, exhibited at IDEF 2021 Fair, was integrated into HAVELSAN's systems with a project carried out by HAVELSAN and UAVERA teams. Thus, Çağatay UAV will be able to track, command and control as an element in the field by the users of the HARBİYE system during flight, and sub-cloud reconnaissance and surveillance air support will be provided to the field teams.

Çağatay UAV Can Be Controlled From Satellite

Thanks to a study carried out in 2021, Çağatay UAV can now be controlled without distance restrictions. As a result of the R&D project carried out with the cooperation of INMARSAT, COBHAM, A-TECHSYN and UAVERA and lasting approximately one year, Çağatay UAV has succeeded in becoming the world's first satellite-controlled UAV system in its class. Çağatay UAVs will be easily controlled via TÜRKSAT satellites with an uninterrupted and reliable connection.

Innovative Solutions from UAVERA

Technologies developed by UAVERA with domestic and national means are used in Çağatay UAV. In this way, the cost of the product is lower than that of its imported competitors, while the system can be configured to suit different types of tasks required by a wide range of civil and military applications. It can produce systems in configurations that can operate in different areas, from the surveillance of forest areas to the control of oil and energy lines, from the control of smuggling activities in coastal areas to regional monitoring for detection purposes in search and rescue activities, to ensuring facility and environmental security.

UAVERA, which plans to make domestic and national production by developing optimum products in line with the needs of all sector stakeholders, aims to be able to respond to limited needs with the rental system.

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