Bursa Photography Exhibition Visits Hospitals in Pandemic

bursa photography exhibition tours hospitals in pandemic
bursa photography exhibition tours hospitals in pandemic

Compiled from the works of Photography Artist Fahrettin Beceren and describing Bursa during the pandemic period, the exhibition was opened to the public at the 'Private Medicana Bursa Hospital' with a ceremony attended by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş. The exhibition, titled 'The days when life stopped: Bursa in the Pandemic' and consisting of 50 photographs, can be visited until 20 August.

The effect of the coronavirus, which affected the world after its emergence in China and caused millions of people to die, in Bursa was revealed with photographs. 12 works, carefully selected from 50 thousand frames taken by Photographer Fahrettin Beceren, and focusing on the social life of Bursa during the pandemic period, were presented to the public at Private Medicana Bursa Hospital. The opening of the exhibition, which was organized by the Metropolitan Municipality, was held with a ceremony attended by Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Private Medicana Bursa Hospital Manager Remzi Karşı, Photograph Artist Fahrettin Beceren and healthcare professionals.

“We need to learn lessons”

Stating that the pandemic has affected the whole world, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş emphasized that vaccines, masks, distance and cleaning should not be neglected. Stating that lessons should be learned from the times when the streets were empty, Mayor Aktaş said, “The process we are in is not a normal one. Of course, it was a process that affected our whole country and the whole world, and its effects still continue, one must be careful. We need to pay attention to mask, distance, cleaning. I urge our citizens who neglect to be vaccinated to give up this neglect immediately. We need to learn lessons. We need to understand those moments well. Especially our healthcare professionals put a lot of effort, and today, Medicana Bursa Hospital and its valuable managers hosted such an exhibition in order to commemorate and understand them. I would also like to thank our esteemed Photographer Fahrettin Beceren. He photographed the empty streets of Bursa and its lonely state in the pandemic from many different places. We really got emotional while traveling. We have all experienced these together, I wish to be more careful especially about vaccination, to be more careful about mask - distance as an example. I sincerely thank each and every one of our healthcare professionals who supported this process. May Allah remove all humanity from this scourge as soon as possible," he said.

“We are in the period of mobilization”

Remzi Karşı, Director of Private Medicana Bursa Hospital, said that they are in the period of total mobilization against the coronavirus. Expressing that they are happy to host an important study, Karşı Karşı said, “We are happy to host an important study in which we convey what we experienced to the future during a pandemic and quiet streets. As our President stated, we are actually in a period of mobilization. We are in a vaccination campaign, we are in a mask mobilization, we are in a distance mobilization. We have to beat this together. We were here at the hospital when no one was on the street. All health workers worked very devotedly. I also thank all of them.”

Photographer Fahrettin Beceren said that they are happy to have recorded a process that will rarely be seen in the world. Beceren said, “It is a difficult and rare process in human life. It has been an instinctive expression for me to leave documents and traces that we owe to future generations, to create visuals to make their lives easier. A good record for Bursa. I would like to express my gratitude to the Metropolitan Municipality, the great power behind the project, to Mayor Aktaş.”

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