Bomb Development Related to Kanal Istanbul

bomb development about canal istanbul
bomb development about canal istanbul

One of the important stations of the "One Road, One Belt" project for China has emerged as Turkey.

The line that will ensure the success of the project was listed as the third bridge, the third airport and Kanal Istanbul. In January 2018, Ruojie Li, the general manager of the Bank of China Turkey subsidiary, announced that they aspire to finance some projects in Turkey, including Kanal Istanbul.

Cumhuriyet Newspaper columnist Jale Özgentürk's "China has no appetiteThe relevant part of the article titled ” is as follows:


Channel Istanbul is now on the agenda in the backstage. China's interest in the project has been talked about for two years, and I wrote that four Chinese companies held talks in Ankara on the tender announcements.

These developments show that the financing issue of the Kanal Istanbul project, which has already received a great reaction, has become impossible again. With the opposition's statement that the Kanal Istanbul project would not be continued when the government changed, Western banks announced that they would not give loans.

Considering the impossibility of banks to invest in this project during the crisis experienced by the Turkish economy, Chinese companies were the only ones interested.

Reminding that the four Chinese companies that want to participate in the tender are also bidders for other major projects, the circles say that this appetite has disappeared with the rapprochement of Turkey and the USA.

A new world is being established after the epidemic. Turkey seems to have turned its direction to the USA again. China's policy of settling in Turkey, on the other hand, is another spring for now.

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