Boeing and TAI Sign Contract for Boeing 737 Engine Cover Production

boeing and tusas sign contract for boeing engine cover production
boeing and tusas sign contract for boeing engine cover production

Boeing and Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAŞ) signed a contract for the production and supply of engine covers of Boeing's single-aisle family of Boeing 737s. With this contract, TAI is expected to meet half of the monthly engine cover production for all Boeing 2025 aircraft produced since 737.

This contract signed between Boeing and TAI expands TAI's Boeing Commercial Airplanes portfolio. The close industry cooperation of the two companies increases the performance and financing power of the 737 program, while furthering the long-standing relationship between Boeing and the Turkish aviation industry.

The function of engine covers in airplanes is to protect engine-mounted components and equipment by creating an aerodynamic surface on the engine fan casing between the air intake and the reverse thrust system. There are two engine covers around each engine that can be opened to provide service and maintenance of engine parts and equipment on the engine fan casing.

Sharing his views on the agreement, TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said, “Our company continues to be among the manufacturers that have proven themselves in the field of air structures with its half a century of experience. While we produce survival projects in the field of aviation in our country, we also carry out high-quality critical productions for the world's leading air platform manufacturers. We are excited about the engine cover production that we will produce for Boeing as part of the agreement. We bring a new competence to our company. kazanwe are raising. I congratulate all my colleagues and Boeing officials who contributed to this cooperation.” made a statement.

Ayşem Sargın, Boeing Turkey General Manager and Country Representative, said, “We believe that Turkey, which is among Boeing's strategic growth countries and an important industry and technology partner, has the potential to make great contributions to the global aviation industry. Boeing expanded its presence, investments and supply chain in the country with the National Aviation Plan, which it implemented with Turkey a few years ago. The selection of TAI for the 737 engine cover production reflects Boeing's strategic partnership with Turkey and the world-class capability of the Turkish aviation industry.” said.

The production of the 737 engine covers will take place at the state-of-the-art TAI facilities in Ankara, where TAI is currently producing the 787 Dreamliner elevator, cargo panel, tailplane and 737 elevator for Boeing, and has delivered thousands of parts and components for Boeing airplanes that have been flying for years.

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