Beykoz Beach Is Filled With Street Musicians

Beykoz beach filled with street musicians
Beykoz beach filled with street musicians

Beykoz Beach, the most beautiful beach of Istanbul with its new arrangement, hosts colorful images with summer evenings. The sound of street musicians rises from the beach, where citizens of Beykoz of all ages come to spend their evenings.

Beykoz Beach, which has become the center of social life with its green space arrangements, walking paths, sports, exhibition and concert areas, where people from Beykoz come for sightseeing at all hours of the day, has become the favorite place of summer evenings with the gradual normalization period.

The area, which came to life with cultural and artistic activities after the coastal arrangement made by Beykoz Municipality at the beginning of summer, has now become the address of street musicians.

Mystical Songs on the Beach

The recitals of street musicians accompanied by the most beautiful coastal scenery of Istanbul were watched with interest and admiration by the residents of the district of all ages.

The musicians, who gave concerts in the square and streets of the district at the beginning of the summer, received applause with their concert in the beach amphitheater.

Citizens who came to the beach to take a stroll along the Bosphorus had the opportunity to listen to the original and authentic works of street musicians.

Black Sea Tunes Are on the Streets

Among the instruments used by street musicians, there was also the kemençe, which invited the citizens to the horon with its energy.

The musicians, who displayed their talents in a wide range from Turkish Folk Music to Black Sea Music in Kanlıca and Paşabahçe Square, filled the streets and squares with music.

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