ASELSAN Will Exhibit More Than 250 Products at IDEF Fair

aselsan will exhibit more than XNUMX products at the idef fair
aselsan will exhibit more than XNUMX products at the idef fair

ASELSAN takes its place as the leading company of IDEF'21, the 15th International Defense Industry Fair, with its wide range of solutions that are the product of Turkish engineering.

With its exports to 71 countries, its advanced technology devoted to the protection of people and nature and the welfare of societies, its wide product range and solutions it offers from renewable energy to communication, ASELSAN will be IDEF's most striking stand this year as well.

ASELSAN will welcome its visitors with its largest exhibition area exceeding 17 thousand square meters at IDEF 20, which was held in Istanbul between 2021-7 August, bringing together the important domestic and foreign actors of the defense industry, procurement authorities and country delegations.

“ASELSAN's success is our country's success”

Underlining that ASELSAN is the biggest participant of the IDEF Fair, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün continued as follows:

“Our ASELSAN, which represents the leadership on behalf of our country in the field of defense and technology on a global scale, will exhibit hundreds of its products at the fair this year as well. Behind each of these products, there is a great value arising from the combination of the power we derive from our nation and the labor of our employees. The success story written by ASELSAN is the success story of our country.

The products and systems we exhibited at the fair this year show the whole world the point the Turkish defense industry has reached. All our citizens and friends visiting our stand will also share our pride. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to IDEF's reputation around the world since its inception.”


Nature and Human Touching Technology

Adopting the vision of "to be a technology company that maintains its sustainable growth, is preferred with its competitive power, is trusted, sensitive to the environment and people", ASELSAN will also refer to its sustainability efforts at IDEF. In this context, live trees and more than 5 live plants will be featured in the stand area. With the selection of recycled/recyclable materials in the stand materials, more than 90 percent nature-friendly stands will be built.

More than 250 Products Will Be Exhibited

ASELSAN, at its stand at TUYAP Fair and Congress Center, where the fair will take place; It will introduce more than 250 products and systems in the Naval Systems, Air Systems, Air Defense Systems, Border-Coast Security Systems, Communication Systems, Electronic Warfare Systems, Electro-Optic Systems and Weapon Systems sections.

Among the systems that will be exhibited for the first time are the Next Generation Infringement Detection System MIDAS-3, the ENGEREK-2, a laser target marking device perfected with feedback from the Turkish Armed Forces, the improved version of the CATS Electro-Optic System developed for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, ASELFLIR-500, the newly developed unmanned land, air and sea vehicles will take place.

ASELSAN, which meets the defense and security systems needs of many domestic customers, especially the General Directorate of Security, Gendarmerie General Command, together with the Turkish Armed Forces, will exhibit unique systems and solutions at IDEF.

Nationalized Products Will Be Exhibited

ASELSAN organized the “Nationalized Products” exhibition for the first time this year. During the fair, suppliers who join forces with ASELSAN, industrialists who are candidates to become suppliers and SMEs will explore opportunities for cooperation in the special sections reserved for them and exchange views.

Visitors from all over the world will be hosted

ASELSAN, which made a name for itself with the new offices it opened in many continents of the world in line with its localization policies and adding new countries every year in its globalization journey, at IDEF 2021; It will host many high-level foreign delegations, including chiefs of staff, defense ministers and force commanders.

ASELSAN, which maintains its sustainable growth with the values ​​it creates in the global market; It once again emphasizes its determination to contribute to the technological infrastructure, security and welfare of friendly and allied countries by using various cooperation models including technology transfer.

Source: defenceturk

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