Healing Wounds in Antalya Metropolitan Fire Zone

antalya buyuksehir heals wounds in the fire zone
antalya buyuksehir heals wounds in the fire zone

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is working to heal the wounds in Manavgat, Alanya, Akseki, Gündoğmuş and Gazipaşa, which were declared disaster areas. On the one hand, tents are set up, and feed and hay are distributed to the farmers. On the one hand, while excavation works are carried out, psychosocial support is provided to the citizens.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality teams continue their efforts to extinguish and control the fires in the districts of Manavgat, Akseki, Alanya, Gündoğmuş and Gazipaşa, which have been declared disaster areas, while continuing to work to erase the traces of the fire and return life to normal. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality meets the needs of the disaster victims with its own resources and the aid sent.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs teams carry out excavation and cleaning work in the houses damaged and destroyed by the fire in the region. Tents are set up for citizens whose homes have been damaged. The requested tents are delivered and set up by the Metropolitan Municipality teams. The Metropolitan Municipality installs containers and portable toilets in the needed areas. On the other hand, sociologists affiliated to the Social Services Department continue to work on damage detection and investigation in the field.


The teams affiliated to the Agricultural Services Department travel from neighborhood to neighborhood to care and treat animals. Small and bovine animals, which are taken from the neighborhoods affected by the fire and placed in a safe zone, are subjected to veterinary control. Animals are provided with feed and hay. In addition to small and bovine animals, animal health teams examine and treat animals such as cats, dogs, geese, chickens, rabbits, and meet their care and needs. In addition, food and water are left for street animals.


The teams of the Department of Parks and Gardens give water to the animals with aerators. Park and garden teams also constantly replenish water to the pools for helicopters. The TOMAs participating in the fire extinguishing activities are also provided with water by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Distributions continue from the feed and straw distribution center established in Çeltikçi Mahallesi. In addition, tons of feed and straw are distributed to farmers in needy regions by trucks.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Health Affairs Department teams also carry out health checks of citizens and personnel who are sick in the region and transfer them to the hospital. Social workers provide psychosocial support to citizens and children in the field, contributing to overcoming the trauma they have experienced.


Manavgat Disaster Coordination Center is in constant contact with the muhtars and citizens, directing them to the region for whatever they need, and trying to meet the demands immediately.

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