Ankara Metropolitan Fire Zones Continue to Supplement Personnel, Vehicle and Food

ankara buyuksehir continues to supply personnel vehicles and food to fire zones
ankara buyuksehir continues to supply personnel vehicles and food to fire zones

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality supports fire extinguishing efforts with 20 vehicles and 45 personnel. Finally, while 4 vehicles and 8 personnel were on their way to Marmaris, 5 vehicles and 12 personnel working in Mersin were first transferred to Isparta Written Canyon and then to Muğla Köyceğiz in line with the request from AFAD. In addition to the Ankara Fire Department, the Social Services Department sent 14 boxes of food and supplies to the fire areas by trucks. The amount of sapling donation made to the campaign “Be a Breath to Turkey” initiated by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş so far has exceeded 400 million TL.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to support the fire extinguishing efforts all over Turkey.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which took action to respond to the forest fires that were tried to be controlled, sent a fire department consisting of 20 vehicles and 45 personnel to Muğla, Antalya, Mersin and Isparta to support them.


The Ankara Fire Brigade, which supported the firefighters in responding to the fires in Antalya and Mersin, finally set off 4 vehicles and 8 more personnel to Muğla Milas and Marmaris regions.

After the fires in Mersin were brought under control, 5 vehicles and 12 personnel working here were transferred to Isparta Written Canyon upon the request of AFAD. After the fire was brought under control here, Ankara Fire Brigade teams moved to Muğla Köyceğiz. In line with the incoming requests, the Fire Department continues to send new teams to the region for reinforcement purposes.


Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who informed the citizens by sharing the devoted work of the metropolitan teams with photos and images on their social media accounts, said in his latest post, “The entire one-week production of Seğmen Su, which belongs to our municipality, will be sent to the areas affected by the fire. In line with the demands, the aid, consisting of approximately 30 trucks, is on its way to disaster areas. We will bandage our wounds together," he said.

While the Metropolitan Municipality mobilized all its units to respond to the fires that broke out all over Turkey and to heal the wounds, it also prepared the most basic necessities and started to ship them with trucks. The Department of Social Affairs, which has sent 14 basic food parcels to be sent to the citizens affected by the fire, has finally sent 400 food parcels consisting of 3 trucks to the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Due to the flood disaster that occurred in Artvin Ahvahi, the Metropolitan Municipality sent a truckload of 5 white goods to the region.


Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, “We will donate saplings to fire areas so that our forests will sprout and give life to our souls. We will bring your support together with the municipalities in the fire areas. Support came from all over Turkey for the campaign, which he started with the words "Come, let every support you give be a breath of hope for tomorrow and a breath of solidarity".

On the 4th day of the campaign, 2 thousand 67 saplings were donated, amounting to 350 million 3 thousand 2021 TL (as of 33 August 556).


Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş warned the citizens against the risk of fire and shared the following:

“We must do our part in the fight against fires, while our firefighters and people fight at the expense of their lives. In Ankara, we are taking a break from the use of fireworks and the use of barbecues and fires in the recreation areas of our municipality. We will overcome these days by following the measures together.”

With the announcement made on the social media accounts of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, it was reported that the Happiness Stages and other cultural and artistic events held in the Capital were temporarily canceled.

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