AKUT on Duty in the Black Sea After the Flood Disaster

on duty in the black sea after acute flood disaster
on duty in the black sea after acute flood disaster

After the fire disaster in our Aegean and Mediterranean regions, the flood disaster reappeared in our Black Sea region, which is its natural habitat, within a month. The flood caused by the heavy downpour, which was effective in Samsun and Karabük, especially in Bartın, Sinop and Kastamonu, caused almost all of the stream beds to overflow.

AKUT Search and Rescue Association, the first search and rescue non-governmental organization of our country, started its operations as in the previous flood disaster and fires in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

7 people from AKUT, Kocaeli team, 11 people from Istanbul team, 9 people from Ankara team; in Kastamonu Bozkurt with a total of 27 volunteers; 10 people from the Rize team and 5 people from the Giresun team; It continues search and rescue and all other necessary operations in Sinop with its 15 volunteers.

It was also emphasized that the Eskişehir team was about to be transferred to Sinop.

It was stated that regardless of the flood disaster, the Trabzon team went into operation for a house whose roof was destroyed as a result of a lightning strike in Of-Ballıca. It was emphasized that one injured and one corpse were evacuated from the wreckage.

Preliminary evacuation and correct construction in flood disaster, almost the only solution

Reiterating his important warnings for the Black Sea Region, AKUT President Recep Şalcı emphasized that there is a rapid increase in flood disasters especially in the Black Sea Region as a result of climate change and global warming, and said: “We know very clearly that the Black Sea Region is almost the primary The disaster is flooding and occurs frequently between June and September, but there is a very clear increase. Less than a month after the Rize and Artvin-Arhavi disasters, a new disaster arose. Naturally, these disasters are expected disasters. It is the most important precaution for our citizens to take into account the weather information and warnings and make the necessary evacuations in advance. Another measure to be taken for flood disasters is to prevent faulty construction. I would also like to make a warning for Rize and Arhavi: As a result of the recent flood disasters, the soil is saturated with water and the danger continues there. We need to be on the alert.”

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