Adapazarı Express Will Leave the Station at the End of the Month

adapazari express will depart from the station at the end of the month
adapazari express will depart from the station at the end of the month

📩 06/08/2021 12:31

Republic of Turkey State Railways General Directorate Corporate Communications Department made a statement about Adapazarı Express.

The explanation is as follows; “It has been observed that there are incomplete and incorrect information in some press organs about the passenger trains operating between Adapazarı and Pendik, known as the Island Train. The studies carried out on the incident, which is the subject of the news, were shared with the public in detail about a month ago, and necessary information was shared.

As the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), we continue our investments in infrastructure, superstructure and management to provide comfortable, safe and fast transportation to our citizens.

We present to your information the studies we have done on Mithatpaşa-Adapazarı and other lines in some newspapers;

Road renewal and infrastructure works have been completed between Mithatpaşa and Adapazarı. Since the catenary (electrical wires) and poles, which have served for many years on this route, have completed their useful life, it has become necessary to replace them. Within the scope of the works, 65 poles are renewed with 4 thousand meters of wire. Due to these works, train services between Mithatpaşa and Adapazarı cannot be made.

In this process, the transportation of the passengers is provided by buses with the protocol signed with Adapazarı Municipality in order to prevent any disruption in the transportation of the citizens.

The final stage has been reached in the works, and passenger transportation between Mithatpaşa and Adapazarı is planned to start at the end of August, as explained before.

The improvement of the train service between Istanbul(Pendik)-Mithatpaşa is also implemented taking into account the demands of our passengers.

During the pandemic process, 20.03.2021 double trains were operated between Pendik and Mithatpaşa, only on weekdays, as of 4. With the decrease in passenger demand, the flights were reduced to 15.04.2021 mutual trains as of 2. However, as of 01.06.2021, the flights were also put into service on weekends. In response to the demand of the citizen, 3 double trains started to serve in the first place, then 5 double trains began to serve each other. Passenger satisfaction and safety is our priority.

In order to ensure comfortable and fast transportation of our passengers, the construction of the 3rd railway line between Köseköy and Gebze continues. At the Kartepe/Büyükderbent stop, the temporary platform construction was completed and put into service. With the temporary platforms built at Derince, Hereke and Körfez stations, our passengers were able to reach the trains.

As the Izmit/Kırkikievler and Körfez/Tütünçiftlik platforms remain on the high-speed train line upon the request of our passengers, the new platform work at Kırkikievler Station will be completed and put into service in a short time.

As of July 2, 2021, Island Trains make a total of 5 trips, 10 pairs per day. These voyages consist of 2-person wagons in 1+60 seating arrangement, with a total seating capacity of 240 people. The average number of passengers per trip is 103, and 2019 passengers were carried in 718.492.

Our infrastructure and superstructure works are carried out by taking into account the demands and needs of our citizens.” is called.

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