Tube Passage Work Completed to Relieve Traffic Load at Acemler Junction

The tube crossing work that will relieve the traffic load at the Acemler junction has been completed
The tube crossing work that will relieve the traffic load at the Acemler junction has been completed

Works have been completed on the passage that was designed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to reduce the traffic load at Acemler Junction and connects Hayran Cadde and Oulu Street underground. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who was the first person to use the gate with his own vehicle at midnight, wished the work to be beneficial for Bursa.

Another study has been completed by the Metropolitan Municipality to relieve the Acemler Junction, which has 180-15 percent more density than the July 10 Martyrs Bridge, where the average daily density is around 12 thousand vehicles in Istanbul. The Metropolitan Municipality, which previously carried out additional lane applications to the ring road and İzmir road connection branches of the junction, has also completed the tube crossing project, which it started in order to distribute the loads of the D-200 highway to different regions, so that the vehicles coming from Hayran Street and D-200 highway can use the junction without creating congestion. With the work that started at the junction loop in front of the Acemler Police Department building, vehicles coming from Hayran Street are now connected to Oulu Street by tube passage. Vehicles can use the junction bridge by being directed to Zübeyde Hanım Street by using the connection roads. The underpass is 200 meters long and the underground passage is 45 meters long, and the passage is designed as two lanes. The tube passage, which is opened to traffic, will play a major role in dispersing the density originating from Ali Osman Sönmez Hospital and Stadium, which is under construction.

First ride at midnight

The teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Science Affairs Department performed a feverish work throughout the day in the tube passage area. On the route where all the works were completed, the road lines were completed before the end of the day. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş also examined the tube passage at midnight. President Aktaş, who received information from the Head of Transportation Department Rüştü Şanlı, made the first drive in the passage himself by getting behind the wheel of the car.

Holistic planning

Reminding that Acemler is the key point of Bursa traffic and that the daily vehicle passage is even more than the Istanbul 15 July Martyrs Bridge, Mayor Aktaş said that they have handled the region with a holistic planning, and that they aim to reduce the density with lane expansions, connection roads and tube passages in the surrounding area. Expressing that a total of more than 25 million TL was spent for the works carried out within the scope of the tube crossing, transfer center, parking lot, signalized intersection, road and lighting, Mayor Aktaş wished that the regulations in the tube crossing and the region would be beneficial for Bursa.



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