Why You Should Prefer e-Compliance Portal in the e-Transformation Process

Why should you choose the e-compliance portal in the e-transformation process?
Why should you choose the e-compliance portal in the e-transformation process?

In the process of e-Document (e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice, e-SMM, e-Ledger, e-Waybill and all other e-Documents), Uyumsoft, which enables businesses to manage all their business processes from end to end, independently of the location, provides the "e-Compliance Portal". ” application.

Thanks to the e-Compliance Portal, you can create all your other e-Documents on a single portal without the need for additional investment, and quickly forward your e-Documentation, especially the e-Invoice, to the relevant companies and receive your incoming e-Invoices, You can effectively manage your digital transformation process.

10 reasons to use e-Compliance Portal

1-Since e-Uyum Portal account is a web-based application, you can use it by logging in from anywhere with an internet connection. It is very easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interfaces. You do not need to affix your Compliance Signature and financial seal every time you create your e-Document. You can receive and send as many e-Documents as you want through the portal without limitations.

2-Thanks to the eUyum application, you can create all your e-documents (e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice, e Waybill, e-Ledger, e-SMM, e-MM, etc.) on a single portal without any additional investment, and quickly forward them to the relevant interlocutors.

3-After creating your e-Document, you can automatically forward it to your customers via e-mail or SMS. You can receive notification e-mails through the system for cases such as the delivery of your e-Documents to the recipient, their rejection or error.

4-You can save your current accounts on the “e-Compliance Portal” and you do not have to re-create them for each e-Invoice. You can easily issue your e-Invoices by entering customer information on the portal. For example, it is sufficient to register the information of a company, for which an e-Invoice is issued once, to the system. When an e-Invoice is required to be issued to the same company again, all information of the company is automatically displayed by entering a part of the company's tax number or title.

5-You can save your goods and services definitions in the "eUyum Portal", you don't have to manually enter this information every time. In this way, you will prevent incorrect information from being written in your e-Documents.

6-You can export the invoices you have prepared or received invoices in the e-Compliance Portal, by choosing a certain date range, and export them as excel or XML file, and transfer them easily to the accounting program you use.

7-You can easily invoice your e-Waybills.

8-In the “e-Compliance Portal”, more than one user can be defined and you can give different authorizations to each user. For example, one user can only view incoming e-Invoices, while another user can edit e-Invoices.

9-In the general definitions area of ​​the "e-Compliance Portal", you can easily add your company logo, stamp signatures, address and bank information on your invoices.

10In the “e-Compliance Portal”, your e-Documents are archived free of charge for at least 10 years. As is known, invoices issued in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code have to be kept for 10 years.

Uyumsoft is always with you in your e-Document processes with the support of uninterrupted service, fast activation, free training and 7/24 digital transformation experts with up-to-date legislative knowledge.

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