Why Have Cancer Cases Increased So Much?

Why have cancer cases increased so much?
Why have cancer cases increased so much?

Phytotherapy Specialist Dr. Şenol Şensoy drew attention to the increase in cancer cases, explained the motivation for treatment and the effects of phytotherapy. What is cancer and how does it occur? Why have cancer cases increased so much? Is it possible to get rid of cancer? What is the place of phytotherapy in cancer treatment? What is the place of motivation in cancer treatment? At what stage of cancer is phytotherapy effective?

Cancer is a very important disease in our society that causes significant losses every year. We can define cancer as the excessive proliferation of any cell group in our body due to DNA damage. Since the control mechanism is eliminated, our cells become terrorized, and it becomes a terrorized movement that can invade both the area and the whole body in whichever tissue or organ it occurs.

Why have cancer cases increased so much?

Cancer cases have increased especially in recent years. Cancer has a number of causes. Of course, genetic predispositions are important, but environmental factors seem even more important. Physical, chemical or biological factors are the factors that initiate cancer. When we say environmental factors; Ultraviolet rays, intense exposure to radiation can cause this disease. When we say chemical factors, everything from pesticides in the food we eat, toxins formed in ready-made foods, which we call aflatoxin, to arsenic in water, to all the chemicals we are exposed to in the working environment, especially in the industry, to the chemicals we are exposed to in traffic, to radioactive substances from the sun caused by damage to the ozone layer. appear as cancer-causing factors.

Is it possible to get rid of cancer?

Smoking is an important topic among chemical factors. Today, we lose more than 20 percent of those who die from cancer due to smoking-related cancer types. Therefore, we must first give up this habit. Again, in our eating habits, we should prefer to eat cleaner, more organic, and more chemical-free foods. Obesity and sedentary life are one of the factors that weaken our immune system. Therefore, we should bring our weight to the required standard. If we follow these protective measures, we can prevent a significant part of cancer cases.

What is the place of phytotherapy in cancer treatment?

If we consider the nutritional support aspect of phytotherapy, if we are fed with the right foods, we see a great effect in terms of protection from cancer. Cancer, as we say, is a disease that occurs as a result of DNA damage. The vegetables and fruits we use in phytotherapy have properties that prevent DNA damage. In other words, if we can eat right, we will have taken an important step in the prevention of cancer, provided that other factors are also corrected. After the disease occurs, both the nutritional supplements in the form of food and the medicinal plants that we use in phytotherapy, which are very special active substances and components, have healing properties as well as preventive properties of DNA damage, we also benefit from them.

Who can apply herbal therapy?

The nutritional side of the job can be done with a diet, but when we come to the treatment side, we use phytotherapy with a medicine logic. We use the effective components of the plants in the form of extracts and drugs, in standardized doses. This use must also be under the supervision of a physician. Doses are important in normal medical treatments, as in pharmacological treatments. We decide which plant extracts to use according to the type of disease and the condition of the patient. Today, there is a variety of about 400 thousand plant taxa that we use in herbal treatment, there are around 75 thousand medicinal plant varieties, 20 thousand of which we use intensively. While giving treatment to patients, we will choose 20-30 of them, and this choice should be made by phytotherapist doctors.

What is the place of motivation in cancer treatment?

Cancer covers 20% of deaths in our country. We lose nearly 90 people every year. It's a serious public health issue. Therefore, when a person has cancer, they have great anxiety and fear. We perceive it as if it is an incurable disease, and when we catch this disease, we feel that our ties with death are getting closer. Motivation is very important here. There is no disease that cannot be cured, first of all we have to accept it. And every cancer patient, after getting the disease and having information about his diagnosis, should definitely start fighting with his gaze, with the hope that I will overcome this disease and get better. The page of the World Health Organization includes the words of a patient with stage 4 cancer. His statement is as follows: “I have cancer, but my cause of death will not be from cancer, I felt it and I struggled, I fought, I won.” Do not despair for other cancer patients. In order to defeat the disease, it is absolutely necessary to put forward that will and that struggle. Treatment methods are also secondary factors. We have to accept it this way. If a person has a problem in his belief in defeating the disease, that patient will have a very difficult time in treatment. In addition, although modern studies such as medical techniques, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and smart medicine continue, phytotherapy is an element that should never be neglected. Because phytotherapy is a complementary and traditional treatment method. We have thousands of years of knowledge about phytotherapy, as old as human history. Why not take advantage of this collection? Herbal therapy has properties that increase the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which we use very widely today. Therefore, it increases our chances of treatment. Patients who start treatment experience side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Again, phytotherapy has properties that eliminate or minimize these side effects. During the treatment process of the disease, cancer cells can develop resistance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We encounter this situation in a serious part of our patients. Medicinal plants have properties that eliminate this resistance. It is a great shortcoming that we do not benefit from phytotherapy when it has such effective mechanisms.

At what stage of cancer is phytotherapy effective?

Phytotherapy can be effective at all stages of cancer. Even a stage 4 cancer patient can recover. We have witnessed this countless times. We can use phytotherapy even in patients who have no chance for medical treatments. As long as the person can be fed orally, we can achieve it with phytotherapy.

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