Tram Line Coming Between Ornekkoy and New Kyrenia

tram line is coming in ornekkoye
tram line is coming in ornekkoye

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has started to work to realize one of the important investments that will give a breath of fresh air to urban traffic. The project tender for the 5-kilometer tram line that will serve between Örnekköy and Yeni Girne will be held on 20 August. Reminding the importance of the project, Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “We said, 'We will build İzmir with iron nets', and in line with this goal, we have another rail system line to the city. kazanWe set out to go," he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is adding a new one to its rail system investments in line with the sustainable transportation target of Mayor Tunç Soyer. The tram, which has become one of the important elements of environmentally friendly, economical and comfortable public transportation, extends to Örnekköy after Çiğli. Continuing the construction of the Çiğli Tram with an investment of 414 million liras and planning to put the line into service at the end of 2022, the Metropolitan Municipality will go out to tender on 20 August for the engineering and architectural projects of the Örnekköy tram line and the receipt of the EIA report. After the completion of the tender process, the project work will be completed in 12 months.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer reminded the importance of the project for the city and said, “We continue our investments with determination. We said, 'We will build İzmir with iron nets' and in line with this goal, we have another rail system line to the city. kazanWe set out to climb. We are honored to keep our promise," he said.

5 kilometer line

Tram line between Ornekkoy and New Kyrenia

The 5-kilometer line, which will serve between Örnekköy and Yeni Girne, will start from the Bostanlı Pier Tram stop and end in the continuation of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Örnekköy Urban Transformation zone. Ornekkoy Tram Line available Karşıyaka and Çiğli tram line will be integrated. with dense population Bayraklı Sogukkuyu Neighborhood, Karşıyaka The line that will facilitate access to the Ornekkoy, Imbatli, Postacilar districts, the Northern IZBAN line, Karşıyaka The tram, Karşıyaka It will contribute to the integration of transportation between the Bostanlı and Bostanlı piers, and will also strengthen maritime transportation.

Tram line will increase to 37,6 kilometers

2017 kilometers in 8,8 KarşıyakaWith the activation of the 2018-kilometer Konak line in 12,8, the tram became one of the most important elements of public transportation in Izmir. The length of the tram lines in İzmir will reach 11 kilometers with the introduction of the 5 kilometer Çiğli Tram and the 37,6 kilometer Ornekköy tram.

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