Things to Consider for the Health of Your Child Who Will Start School

Things to consider for the health of your child who will start school
Things to consider for the health of your child who will start school

Preschool health checks are of great importance in order for children who have just started school to lead a healthy life, to be successful in their classes, and to prevent diseases that families may not notice. From Memorial Kayseri Hospital, Department of Child Health and Diseases, Uz. Dr. Aslı Mutlugün Alpay made important suggestions to parents for the health of children before the school period.

Even dental problems can make it difficult for your child to learn

The most important health checks that should be done in preschool are hearing and vision examinations. Children with hearing and vision problems have learning difficulties. In addition to visual and hearing screening, dental check-ups should also be performed in children during the growth and development period. Minor dental problems for children can also make learning and comprehension difficult. There are a group of diseases that should be diagnosed early in childhood. These diseases may not be noticed by families. When these diseases are detected and treated in children with pre-school check-ups, cognitive and learning disabilities at school are prevented.

Vaccine control should be done

It should be checked whether diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, measles, rubella and mumps vaccinations, which should be administered between the ages of 4-6, have been completed. In addition, blood and urine counts should not be neglected. Especially during the school period, it is necessary to pay attention to the physical and mental health of the child, to have a regular life with a sleep pattern. In order to protect children from infectious diseases, toilet hygiene and correct hand washing habits must be acquired.

Expert assistance may be required

Socialization is one of the biggest problems experienced by children who have just started school. This situation causes especially parents to increase their anxiety level and worry. For this reason, parents should be careful in this period when children are just starting school. Worries that may arise in families prolong the adaptation process of children to school. It is not recommended for mothers to wait in the school yard while their children are at school or to be with their children at any time by entering the classroom. Parents should consult a specialist as soon as they realize that their child is reluctant to attend school.

Healthy eating should start at school age

Adequate nutrition is very important in order to stay healthy at every stage of life. Especially in the school age period, when the growth and development of children is accelerated and learning is easier, the importance of nutrition increases even more. Since breakfast is very important for school-age children, families should definitely have their children have breakfast before sending them to school. In addition, children should be provided with snacks such as milk or fruit. Families should also warn their children about the choice of food sold in school canteens. Children should also choose their drinks in order of importance. Adequate water consumption during the day is very important. Instead of soda and ready-made fruit juices; ayran and fruit itself can be selected. In addition, lunch boxes should be prepared before the children leave the house; It should be ensured that they have snacks with walnuts, peanuts and fruits.



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