The Traces of the Flood Disaster in which 11 People Lost Their Lives in Giresun Are Erased

the traces of the disaster were erased in giresunda
the traces of the disaster were erased in giresunda

It has been 1 year since the disaster in Giresun. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure healed the wounds in Giresun in a short time after the flood disaster in which 11 people lost their lives. The bridges and roads affected by the flood were rebuilt in a short time and made available to the citizens. Especially Dereli's face has been completely changed.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu made a statement on the anniversary of the flood disaster caused by the highest rainfall of the last 22 years on Saturday, August 2020, 21 in Giresun city center and Dereli, Doğankent, Tirebolu, Espiye, Güce, Görele and Yağdere districts.

“We have taken all the necessary measures and we continue to take them”

Stating that they have largely erased the traces of the flood, Minister Karaismailoğlu reminded that the wounds were healed and life returned to normal in the Dereli district, which was most affected by the disaster, and said, "Last year, when we first set foot in the region, there was a terrible picture. From the very first moment, we worked to erase the traces of this disaster with the spirit of mobilization. After ensuring the flow of daily life quickly, we started the infrastructure works and the construction of our permanent structures, and within a year, we eliminated the grievances of all our citizens. We have completed most of our bridges and roads. Last year and this year, we lost our lives due to these disasters. Our pain is as fresh as the first day. I once again commemorate our dear martyrs and citizens, who passed away in the flood disaster, with mercy. May God never let us suffer like this again. We have taken and continue to take all the necessary measures to prevent these sufferings from happening again," he said.

“Transportation problems were quickly resolved”

Minister Karaismailoğlu stated that since the first moments of the disaster, interventions were made in all the routes affected by the flood in the fastest way and traffic flows were ensured, “In the first place, 6 road corridors affected by the flood disaster in Giresun province were determined, with a total of 316 km. and we have started improvement works in areas of urgency. As a result of our work, we immediately opened all of the 185 main roads that were closed to transportation," he said.

“We provided access to all villages by opening 527 kilometers of roads”

Karaismailoğlu said, “We provided uninterrupted transportation on the Dereli, Doğankent, Soğukpınar, Çaldağ, Yağdere-Alucra highways. Kovanlık-Aydındere Provincial Road, Giresun-Çaldağ-İnişdibi Provincial Road, Giresun-Dereli-Şebinkarahisar State Road (including 1 bridge), Espiye-Yağlıdere-Alucra Provincial Road, Espiye-Soğukpınar Provincial Road, Tirebolu-Doğankent State Road (1 piece) Bridge included), other bridges damaged in the KGM road network (4 Bridges), Espiye District Avluca-Ericek Road, Dereli District Akkaya Road, 15 damaged bridges connecting the group village roads except KGM road network, a total of 34 bridges on 108 Group Roads. We opened the village road to the use of our citizens in a short time. We have provided access to all villages by opening 2 kilometers of village roads with a network length of 120 kilometers, which were affected by the disaster," he said.

 “Citizens are happy with the change”

Emphasizing that the citizens of Dereli, the district most affected by the flood disaster, were satisfied with the change in the one-year period, Minister Karaismailoğlu emphasized that the damaged infrastructure was renewed and said:

“Our state works with great devotion. In every disaster, the best examples of solidarity with all our friends and citizens are exhibited. In the disaster last year, we continued our work with thousands of personnel and vehicles, and we saved our citizens safely. We demolished and rebuilt the bridges destroyed by the flood. At the end of last year, we put our 6 Martyrs Bridge into the service of our citizens. We have also completed the Akkaya Bridge in the center of our Dereli district. We will make it available to our citizens in the very near future. There is nothing that we cannot overcome with the unity of the state and the nation. We will build better days together with the support of our nation and the support of our state with its citizens.”

“As in Giresun, we are returning other disaster areas to normal quickly”

Underlining that the damaged infrastructures were repaired and all the problems of the citizens were eliminated, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “Thanks to the measures we took for disasters, we did not have any problems in communication. The bad picture when we first came to Dereli district no longer exists. There is a more beautiful Dereli than before. With the power and experience of our state, the problems in our roads, bridges, electricity and mains water infrastructure were eliminated step by step from the very beginning of the disaster. Our other ministries, institutions and non-governmental organizations have fulfilled their duties by working devotedly. Dereli was badly damaged by the flood, but all wounds were healed. We are demonstrating the effort and success we have shown here in order to erase the traces of the disaster, in other disaster areas where we are currently struggling on a 7/24 basis. As in Giresun, we will quickly return other disaster areas to normal,” he said.

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