Number of Passengers Using Airline in Turkey in 7 Months Reached 57,4 Million

Million passengers preferred the airline in July
Million passengers preferred the airline in July

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) announced the aircraft, passenger and cargo statistics of July 2021.

In July, the number of planes landing and taking off at our environment and passenger friendly airports, where all the necessary precautions are taken for the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, reached 84.604 in domestic flights and 60.971 in international lines. A total of 170.769 aircraft traffic took place in July, including overpasses.

In this month, domestic passenger traffic was 8.730.405 and international passenger traffic was 8.384.978 at airports across Turkey. Thus, a total of 17.135.415 passengers were served in July, including direct transit passengers.

Airport freight (cargo, mail and baggage) traffic; In July, it was 87.680 tons in domestic flights, 284.666 tons in international lines, and 372.346 tons in total.


29.688 aircraft landed and took off from Istanbul Airport in July. There were 9.725 domestic flights and 19.963 international flights.

A total of 1.412.243 passengers were served at the airport in July, with 2.780.470 on domestic flights and 4.192.713 on international lines.

At Istanbul Atatürk Airport, where general aviation activities and cargo transportation continue, 3.809 aircraft took off and landed in July.

Thus, a total of 33.497 aircraft traffic was realized at these two airports.


In the seven-month (January-July) period; Air traffic landing and taking off at airports was 379.545 in domestic lines and 206.779 in international lines. Thus, a total of 708.827 aircraft traffic took place with the overpasses.

Domestic passenger traffic in airports across Turkey of 33.740.710 of the 23.588.634 international passengers traffic in this period were given a total of 57.386.803 passengers with direct transit passengers.

During the period in question, the freight (cargo, post and baggage) traffic of the airports; 347.022 tons in domestic lines and 1.362.391 tons in international lines.

In a seven-month period at Istanbul Airport, a total of 37.582 aircraft, of which 94.556 are on domestic flights and 132.138 on international flights; A total of 4.819.049 passenger traffic was realized, of which 11.589.713 on domestic lines and 16.408.762 on international lines. This number was 23.024 aircraft traffic at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Air traffic at the two airports in the same period is 155.162.

As of the end of July, the amount of cargo carried at Istanbul Airport was 20.498 tons on the domestic line, 387.210 tons on the international line, and 407.708 tons in total. 33% of the amount of cargo carried was carried out with 7.430 flights for cargo purposes only. As of the end of July, the amount of cargo carried at Istanbul Atatürk Airport was 6.537 tons on the domestic line, 514.321 tons on the international line, and 520.858 tons in total.

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