Latest Situation in Flood-Disaster Regions!

The latest situation in areas with flood disasters
The latest situation in areas with flood disasters

Last minute statement about the flood disaster in Bartın, Sinop and Kastamonu came from AFAD. In the statement made by the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, the latest information on the works was given.

In the statement made by AFAD, the following information was shared:

“As a result of the heavy rains that started in the Western Black Sea region on August 11, 2021, floods and floods occurred in the cities of Bartın, Kastamonu and Sinop. Bartın province Ulus district, Kastamonu province Azdavay, İnebolu, Bozkurt, Küre and Pınarbaşı districts and Sinop province Ayancık districts were affected by the flood. Immediately after the disaster, evacuation, search-rescue and response activities started with the support of personnel and vehicles of all relevant institutions. Due to the flood, 70 of our citizens (60 Kastamonu, 9 Sinop, 1 Bartın) lost their lives. Treatment of 8 of our citizens continues in hospitals.

In Sinop and Kastamonu, the number of missing reports is 47. It is ensured that the disaster coordination centers established in the provinces and districts affected by the disaster and the response studies in the region are carried out in coordination. According to the Turkey Disaster Response Plan, AFAD Presidency Disaster and Emergency Management Center was put into operation in order to carry out uninterrupted work in the disaster-affected areas; It continues to work on a 7/24 basis with the participation of all working groups, senior managers and representatives.

The personnel and vehicles of AFAD, General Staff, General Directorate of Security, Coast Guard Command, Gendarmerie, 112, UMKE, General Directorate of Highways, DSI, Municipalities, Special Provincial Administration, non-governmental organizations and AFAD Volunteers work in the works carried out in the region. Number of personnel and vehicles working on a provincial basis; – in Kastamonu; 4.924 personnel, 653 vehicles, 36 ambulances, 31 UMKE, 1 helicopter, 1 JIKU, 1 drone, 1 UAV, 3 AFAD mobile coordination trucks, 1 mobile kitchen truck, 1 mobile operations center, 1 mobile laboratory, 574 construction machines, 15 vacuum trucks, 1 mobile energy vehicle, 61 bobcats, 15 fire trucks, 1 corvette, 8 funeral vehicles, 24 boats and 61 motor pumps, 3 submersible pumps, 20 generators, 4 buckets, 14 search dogs, 5 thousand people capacity field kitchen – Sinop at; 2.680 helicopters with 20 personnel, 340 vehicles, 1 AFAD mobile coordination truck, 1 corvette, 1 mobile kitchen, 38 ambulances, 16 UMKE, 238 construction machines, 1 JIKU, 1 vacuum truck, 18 boats and 18 motor pumps, 8 submersible pumps, 5 search dogs, a field kitchen with a capacity of 1.500 people – in Bartın; 488 personnel, 70 vehicles, 7 ambulances, 1 UMKE, 79 construction machines, 1 generator, 2 motor pumps, 1 boat, field kitchen with a capacity of 1.500 people Nutrition Studies Turkish Red Crescent distributed 138.520 hot meals, 57.402 food packages, 57.775 treats in flood zones. .

1 Mobile Kitchen Truck was sent to Sinop by the Gendarmerie General Command, and it started cooking and distribution services for the disaster victims. 1500 meals are distributed to 3 people. A total of 3.250 lunches and dinners were distributed. 1 Mobile Kitchen Truck was shipped to Kastamonu by the General Directorate of Security. Evacuation Studies – Bartın; After the flood disaster in Ulus District, 341 disaster victims were evacuated to safe areas. – Kastamonu; A total of 1.480 citizens were evacuated.

372 of our evacuated citizens were evacuated to their relatives. – Sinop; 560 disaster victims from Ayancık district and its neighborhoods were evacuated by 2 helicopters. Of the 533 evacuated disaster victims, 469 were evacuated to their relatives. Accommodation Studies In order to meet the urgent need of shelter in Kastamonu, a capacity of 3.707 people has been allocated in the student dormitories, and 813 citizens have been provided with accommodation services. 4 WC containers shipped from Ankara Province to Kastamonu reached the region. There is a capacity of 2.733 people in student dormitories in order to meet the urgent need for shelter in Sinop, and accommodation services are provided to 146 citizens.

In order to meet the urgent need of shelter in Bartın, a capacity of 3.000 people has been allocated in the student dormitories and accommodation services are provided to 18 citizens. In order to meet the possible housing needs in Kastamonu; 360 tents, 1.220 blankets, 1.220 beds, 1.220 duvet cover sets were shipped to the region. Emergency Assistance Allowance by AFAD; 5 Million TL to Kastamonu, 3 Million TL to Sinop and 2 Million TL to Bartın were sent to emergency aid. 5 million to Kastamonu, 3 million to Sinop and 2 million to Bartın from the Ministry of Family and Social Services. 3 Million ₺ appropriation has been transferred to Bartın province by İller Bank to repair the infrastructure damage.

A total of 23 million cash appropriations were sent. Energy Studies – There are no villages in Bartın where electricity cannot be provided. – Information was received that electricity could not be supplied to 4 villages in different districts throughout Kastamonu. 1 mobile energy vehicle was sent to Kastamonu from Samsun AFAD. 75 generators were installed in Kastamonu districts. There are 40 idle generators. As soon as the suitable places for assembly in the field are determined, their assembly continues. – It was informed that 39 villages in Sinop could not be supplied with electricity. 41 generators were installed and started to be used in various districts throughout Sinop. Under the coordination of AFAD, installations are made where needed.

Transportation Infrastructure

in Kastamonu; Between Ağlı and Şenpazar, the teams have detected collapses at 5 points on the road, and the detection and repair works are continuing. As of 15.08.2021, repairs were completed at 3 points and two parts remained.

It was opened for transportation between İnebolu and Kastamonu. The road was closed to traffic due to damage to the feet of the Valay-1 Bridge and a landslide that occurred at one point. in Bartın; As a result of the studies, the Bartın-Karabük road was opened to traffic in a controlled manner. As of 15.08.2021, the distance between Kumluca and Kozcagiz, which was closed to transportation, was opened to small vehicle traffic from the service road.

in Sinop; Oluza Bridge was repaired and opened to traffic. With the work done, the Sinop - Ayancık road was opened to traffic in a single lane at some points in a controlled manner. Yenikonak - Erfelek road has been opened to traffic in a controlled manner with the works carried out. There are no problems affecting transportation in Kastamonu and Sinop Airports, railway lines and coastal structures in the region. Infrastructure Water is supplied to Kastamonu Azdavay and Devrekani districts. Since the pumping station in Devrekani is under water, water is temporarily supplied from the spring. In Bozkurt, the faults of 4 neighborhoods in high places are eliminated and water is supplied. Since 2 wells feeding Bozkurt Merkez neighborhood are destroyed, water cannot be supplied. In Bartın Abdipaşa, water cannot be supplied to the neighborhoods outside the Derecik neighborhood.

All malfunctions related to drinking water in Ulus district have been fixed. 3 Million ₺ appropriation was transferred to Bartın province by Iller Bank for the elimination of infrastructure harvest. In Sinop Ayancık, the idle wells were repaired and water was supplied to the district. The drinking water transmission line that feeds the city of 10 km in the district has become unusable. Damage assessment studies for the sewerage, storm water and waste water treatment plant have been started. There is no damage to drinking water in Erfelek. Drinking water has been started to be provided partially in Türkeli. Existing water wells are unusable.

Pipes are provided to supply water from the wells. Communication Works There was no interruption in communication in the Bartın, Kastamonu and Sinop flood disasters. 12 mobile base stations were installed in the flood area, 16 mobile base stations and 4 emergency communication vehicles (wi-fi vehicles) were dispatched. Psychosocial Support In flood disasters; ; 974 people in Kastamonu Province; 694 people in Bartın Province; Psychosocial support services were provided to a total of 696 people, 2.364 of whom were in Sinop. Donation in Kind and Warehouse Management Kastamonu Organized Industrial Zone Factory Warehouse has been updated as the main warehouse. Alternative repositories are also presented below:

  • Kastamonu Special Provincial Administration Warehouse (1st Alternative)
  • Kastamonu Provincial Central Gendarmerie Command (2nd Alternative)
  • Kastamonu Sugar Factory (3rd Alternative
  • Kastamonu Abana Sebahat Mesut Yılmaz Vocational School
  • Sinop Organized Industrial Zone
  • Ayancık Municipality Olympic Sports Hall

Concentrated fodder, alfalfa grass, straw, and fodder for street animals and pets were delivered to Bartın Ulus Martyr Musa Aytar Anatolian Vocational High School Agriculture and Forestry Flood regions. 42,5 tons of feed, 380 kg of dog-cat food and 19 tons of feed and 190 kg of dog-cat food were shipped to Sinop.”

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