Children's Teeth Should Be Taken Care of!

Teeth should be taken care of in children
Teeth should be taken care of in children

Pediatric Dentist Zeliha Özgöçmen gave information about the subject. Pediatric dentistry (Pedodontics); It is a department of dentistry that deals with the oral and dental health problems of babies, children and individuals who require special attention. Pedodontics is the only age-related branch of dentistry. Is Caries Formation Prevented? How should a healthy diet be for children?

Pediatric dentists (Pedodontists) are specialist physicians who have been trained in the psychology, growth and development, deciduous and young permanent teeth of all children, including children with disabilities and special needs, in addition to standard dentistry education.

Pediatric dentists check your child's oral and dental health development from infancy to adolescence and keep records of them, ensuring their healthy development.

Is Caries Formation Prevented?

With the detection of microorganisms that cause tooth decay in the 1960s, vaccines and drugs that can completely prevent caries have been tried to be developed, but despite the developments so far, sufficient success has not been achieved. The reason for this is that the administered drugs or vaccines are found at high levels in the blood-plasma, but at no or insufficient levels in the saliva. However, the structure of the tooth can be strengthened by various methods such as fluoride and fissure sealant applications.

How should a healthy diet be for children?

A healthy diet is a balanced intake of the main food groups such as protein, carbohydrates and vitamins necessary for your child's growth and development. The oral environment is not sterile and millions of harmful and harmless bacteria live with us.

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