Public Transportation and School Bus Fees Raised in Samsun

public transportation prices in samsun have increased
public transportation prices in samsun have increased

At the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) meeting, it was decided to raise public transportation. Following the hike decision, new fare tariffs began to be implemented as of Saturday, August 28, 2021. As a result of the decision taken, an increase in the rate of inflation was applied to student shuttles, passenger minibuses, public buses and tram (light rail system) fees in transportation.

With the applied hikes, the cost of the first, second, third and fourth minibus lines in Samsun increased from 3,5 TL per person to 4 TL, and the student fee increased from 3 TL to 3,5 TL. While the price of the public bus from 3 TL to 3,5 TL, the shuttle and tram fees increased at the rate of inflation.

Speaking after the hike decision, the 2nd Line minibus driver Selamet Yamanoğlu said, “The current hike does not save according to market conditions. Previously, while the liter of diesel was 2,5 TL, the passenger fare was 2,5 TL. Currently, although the liter of diesel exceeds 7 TL, the passenger fare is 4 TL. It doesn't save, but we will call it 'abundance'," he said.

Some of the drivers who do minibuses on the same line said, “I think it was a hasty decision to make 4 TL at the moment. Could have waited a little longer. Passengers do not complain about this situation. They even say 'you're even late'," they said.

Citizens who reacted to the hikes said, “We got on the minibus right now. The dolmuş fee of 3,5 TL became 4 TL. It's a lot of time. We were confused about what to do. They reacted in the form of a raise for bread, minibus, bus, tram.”

16 percent hike in school bus fees

Expressing that there is a 16 percent increase in student shuttles, Hüseyin Binay, President of Samsun Service Vehicle Operators Chamber of Craftsmen, said, “The shuttle fees have been increased by 16 percent. We demanded a 20% raise. The decision passed by UKOME as 16 percent. With the increase, the closest distance school bus fee will start from 270 TL. The longest distance school service fee will start from 730 TL.

The new fee tariffs from UKOME have started to be applied to citizens as of today.

Günceleme: 29/08/2021 11:04

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