Pedestrian Overpass Works Continue at Full Speed ​​in Tarsus

Pedestrian overpass works in tarsus continue at full speed
Pedestrian overpass works in tarsus continue at full speed

While Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues its infrastructure works at full speed, it also provides modern buildings for city centers. kazancontinues to climb. The Metropolitan is renovating the Sunay Atilla Overpass, which is located on Atatürk Street, where pedestrian traffic is intense as well as vehicular traffic in Tarsus.

The old pedestrian crossing, which has been causing complaints of citizens due to the continuous malfunction of the escalator on it for many years, is being restructured with a new project after the platform is completely dismantled.

Installation work continues on the overpass

The foundation excavation works have been completed for the new escalator and elevator gate project that has been started. In the new project, where the latest technological equipment is used, the main component assembly works are carried out. State-of-the-art materials are used in the aesthetically-looking pedestrian overpass, on which there are two elevators that can be used by individuals with special needs and elderly citizens.

When the new pedestrian overpass project, which will include security cameras and led lighting, is completed, pedestrian safety will be ensured in the area where citizens have to pass due to the railway network.

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