Inspection Against Traffic Accidents from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Inspection against traffic accidents from izmir metropolitan municipality
Inspection against traffic accidents from izmir metropolitan municipality

Due to the increasing number of fatal traffic accidents, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality inspected the vehicles engaged in intercity and intracity transportation. While the Police Department teams imposed an administrative fine of 427 liras on those who did not comply with the rules, they banned a minibus that was traveling between Izmir and Menemen without a working license.

Police Traffic Branch Directorate teams affiliated to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Police Department have increased their inspections after the traffic accidents that have occurred frequently in recent days and have caused many people to lose their lives. Teams, at Izmir Intercity Bus Terminal, on county minibuses and intercity buses; He checked whether there was a work permit, fire extinguisher, driver identification card, first aid kit. Those who did not comply with the rules during the inspections were punished with a penalty of 427 liras. Again, a minibus traveling between İzmir and Menemen was banned from traffic because it did not have a working license.

“We intensified our work”

Fuat Dönmez, Head of the Environment and Reconstruction Police Department of the Police Department, said that the teams carried out their routine inspections, but they intensified this work with the increase in traffic accidents. Stating that the teams fulfill all their responsibilities to prevent such sad events from happening, Fuat Dönmez said, “We check whether they wear driver identification cards, route documents, seat belts and whether there are fire extinguishers in the district minibuses. We are also looking at first aid kits. If any of these are missing, we apply an administrative fine.”

“Vehicle maintenance is vital”

Dönmez said that the intercity buses were inspected by the police department teams in accordance with the Highways Law, and that the police personnel supported the teams in these inspections. Fuat Dönmez wanted drivers to be careful and not to set off tired and sleepless and emphasized that it is vital to have vehicle maintenance done.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams inspected 2021 thousand 2 minibuses and intercity buses in 485. A total of 157 penal actions were taken for violations detected during the inspections.

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