Improvement Works in Bursa Highway Network Continuing Uninterruptedly

Improvement works on bursa highway network continue uninterrupted
Improvement works on bursa highway network continue uninterrupted

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department teams continue their improvement works on the 8 thousand kilometers of highway network in their area of ​​responsibility.

The work on the underground passage connecting Hayran Cadde and Oulu Avenue, designed to reduce the traffic load at the Acemler Junction in the center, was completed and the tube passage was opened to traffic.

In addition, asphalt pavement, asphalt maintenance and repair, V-channel excavation and filling works continue uninterruptedly in 17 districts. With the work done in the last 10 days, between Nilüfer Atlas - Kadriye neighborhoods, Gürsu Karahıdır, Mustafakemalpaşa Güllüce- Ocaklı- Yumurcaklı-Durumtay- Koşuboğazı, between Karacabey Racing - Kulakpınar, Bayramdere, Güngörmez - Racing neighborhood, between Gölecik - Kedikaya, between Karasu Göreme and A total of 44 meters of surface coating has been completed on the roads of Örencik District and Kırkharman and Çamdibi District of İznik District, and Hamamlı and Aşağıbalı Districts in İnegöl District.

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