Video Physician Period at İzmir Eşrefpaşa Hospital

Imaging doctor period in izmir esrefpasa hospital
Imaging doctor period in izmir esrefpasa hospital

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital has added a new one to its digital innovations. With the İBBEşrefpaşa application, the Metropolitan Municipality will provide the citizens with the convenience of one-click access to information such as appointments, access to analysis results, prescription and drug viewing. With the application, which is a first in public hospitals, patients will also be able to meet with physicians who are experts in their fields through the video appointment system. The application will be available from tomorrow (September 1).

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital is increasing its quality standard day by day. With the "İBBEşrefpaşa" mobile application of Eşrefpaşa Hospital, İzmir residents will now be able to easily access all kinds of information, from transportation to analysis results, from making an appointment to video calls. With the application, which will start to be used from tomorrow (September 1), patients will be able to meet with physicians who are experts in their fields via the video appointment system.

Great convenience for patients

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital Deputy Chief Physician Specialist Dr. Gaffar Karadoğan said, “We have activated the mobile application so that our citizens can benefit from the applications of Eşrefpaşa Hospital faster. Now, citizens will be directed to the right department according to their complaints thanks to the smart assistant while making their appointments. This is a great convenience for our patients. Those who want to receive consultancy services on health but are afraid to come to the hospital due to the pandemic will now be able to consult the doctor via the Zoom application. As Eşrefpaşa Hospital, we broke new ground among public hospitals with the video appointment system. Our patients will be able to receive consultancy services from physicians free of charge.

One click away

With the “İBB Eşrefpaşa Hospital” mobile application, patients can easily access the service to make an appointment with the 'Smart Assistant' according to their complaints, as well as view laboratory, pathology and analysis results. The “İBBEşrefpaşa” application can be downloaded from the official website of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, “” or from the markets of mobile devices. The application works on smartphones and tablet computers using Android, IOS and Windows Mobile operating systems.

Eşrefpaşa Hospital once again broke new ground

In the application implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Information Processing Department, a first among public hospitals was achieved with the "video call" option. Thanks to the video calls that can be made with the specialist doctors of the century-old hospital, both the congestion in the hospitals due to the coronavirus epidemic will be prevented, and the patients who have difficulty in reaching the doctor will be able to ask their questions to the experts live. While video call appointments are made through the Zoom application, the link is sent to the patient as a text message. The Zoom link can also be accessed from the My Appointments section. During the interviews, the experts answer the questions of the patients, inform them about the subject they are curious about, and refer the patient to the hospital if deemed necessary. In these interviews, no diagnosis is made and patients are not prescribed prescriptions. Interviews are recorded.

Other prominent features of the application are:

  • Pharmacy on duty and directions to the nearest pharmacy
  • Analysis, pathology and imaging results performed at Eşrefpaşa Hospital
  • Making an appointment with the appointment assistant from the relevant branch according to the complaint
  • Making a video appointment
  • View application history
  • Hospital information
  • Personal follow-ups (height-weight tracking, pulse-temperature-tension information, etc.)
  • Prescription and drug information written to the patient

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