Izmir Fire Brigade: 'If We Hadn't Stopped The Fire, It Would Have Goed As Far As Bodrum'

If we hadn't stopped the fire, the Izmir fire department would have gone to the basement.
If we hadn't stopped the fire, the Izmir fire department would have gone to the basement.

Izmir Fire Brigade's team, which took action without delay for forest fires within the scope of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer's understanding of solidarity, was the first team to respond to the fire that spread with the effect of the wind in Kissebükü Bay in Bodrum's Mazı District. “If we had not stopped the fire, it would have gone to the center of Bodrum,” said Abdül Duyulur, İzmir Fire Brigade Search and Rescue Disaster Coordinator Supervisor.

İzmir Fire Brigade, which has supported the efforts to extinguish forest fires in Antalya and Muğla from the first day, played critical roles in fire extinguishing efforts. İzmir fire brigade did the first response to the fire that started in Kissebükü Bay in Bodrum's Mazı District in the afternoon and spread rapidly with the effect of the wind, and prevented the flames from reaching the center of Bodrum. A large part of the forest was saved with the extinguishing and cooling works that continued until the late hours of the night.

“We turned the day-night difference to our advantage”

İzmir Fire Brigade AKS Paramedic Supervisor Şenol Derekoy explained the incident as follows: “We intervened at many points. However, the importance of Kissebükü Bay is a little different. While we were waiting in Aşağı Mazı, we came here on a more urgent notice. The road part is also a bit problematic. What we realized the importance of when we arrived was that there was no road on the other side. If it had crossed this limit, it would have been very difficult to intervene. We suppressed it for 2 hours. We turned the day-night difference in our favor. The glowing dots in the dark helped us even more by glowing. We ensured that it was completely extinguished until the night.”

According to Abdul Duyulur, Search and Rescue Disaster Affairs Coordinator of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department, the area where the fire broke out in Kissebükü was a very important point. Stating that they are constantly extinguishing, Duyulur said, “But we managed to cut it. If we had not stopped the fire, the fire would have gone all the way to the center of Bodrum.”

“We saved vehicles in Mazı village”

Stating that the terrain conditions in Kissebükü are bad and the rocks are sharp, İzmir Fire Brigade Department Training Branch Directorate Fire Instructor Onur Alp Turaç Küçük said: “I also had minor injuries. We've done a lot of hard work. We got ahead of the fire. We saved 4-5 houses from burning in Mazı village. We rescued the vehicles in the lower Mazı village.”

“We have full confidence in our Metropolitan Municipality”

İzmir Fire Brigade Southern Region Çaybaşı First Post Sergeant Mete Kemal Girginer said, “If we missed the fire to the right, it would approach as far as Bodrum. There is no road on that side, it's completely forested. This was the only point we could intervene. We worked in a coordinated way and prevented him from passing to the Bodrum side. We did our best. We have full confidence in ourselves, our equipment, our institution and our Metropolitan Municipality.”

On the other hand, the Izmir Fire Department's team, which has been supporting the fire extinguishing efforts in Antalya for 11 days, evaluated the support request from Muğla after the rain started and went to Muğla.

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