Heavy Rain Expected Tonight in Istanbul!

Istanbul rain
Istanbul rain

The sweltering summer heat, which has been effective throughout the week in Istanbul, is getting ready to leave its place to a cooler and rainy weather as of tonight. IMM has taken measures against adverse conditions such as sudden flooding, flooding, lightning, local hail, strong wind at the time of precipitation, disruptions in transportation that may be caused by heavy rains. Citizens were also asked to be careful and cautious.

According to the data of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) AKOM and the General Directorate of Meteorology, the sweltering temperatures of 35-38°C throughout the week, the strengthening of the wind from the northern directions (30-60 km/h), the temperatures decreasing by 10-12°C and 25 It is expected to regress to around -27°C.

It is estimated that from today at night (03.00) until tomorrow night, there will be heavy rain and heavy rain in the eastern and northern parts of the Anatolian Side.

IMM teams, heavy rains may cause; took measures against adverse conditions such as flash flood, flood, lightning, local hail, strong wind during precipitation, and disruptions in transportation. Garbage bags etc. in the rains. Garbage began to be collected so that pollutants would not clog the gratings. The battlements will be kept open by leaving the staff on duty outside of working hours. Possible floods and floods will be intervened immediately.

On the other hand, AKOM warned citizens to be careful and cautious against the possibility of hail and flooding.

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