GES Engineering Signed a Contract for Telescopic Mast Supply

Ges Muhendislik signed a contract for the supply of telescopic mast
Ges Muhendislik signed a contract for the supply of telescopic mast

The solutions offered by the GES Engineering company continue to attract great attention. With a new contract signed in August 2021, GES Engineering will deliver 62 more Telescopic Mast systems to the user. Within the scope of the contract signed in August, 62 Telescopic Masts will be delivered to the user by the end of February 2022. After these deliveries, the number of Telescopic Masts developed by GES Engineering and included in the inventory will have reached 100.

GES Engineering offers an economical alternative to telescopic lifting systems with the Portable Telescopic Mast Product Family it has developed originally. Members of the wide product family with different technical features meet many different needs of users. These systems, which show a performance that goes beyond the user's needs in terms of durability, draw attention with their lower weight compared to their counterparts.

These masts, which vary in length from 3 to 15 meters when unfolded, can lift useful loads from 15 kilograms to 75 kilograms. Although the masts vary in size, they can be carried by a single person in a backpack or integrated into the trailer.

ASELSAN and Baykar Defense Preferred

GES Engineering had completed all the design and qualification work of the Portable Telescopic Mast Product Family and made its first delivery. It has passed field tests as a system where ASELSAN and Baykar will calibrate their own products. The system, which has been put into use, has also proven its reliability in the field. 20 products are currently used in the field by both ASELSAN and Baykar.

Multi-Purpose Portable Tower from GES Engineering

The mobility created by threats such as irregular migration, smuggling and terrorism, which has increased in the last period, is among the most important agenda items of the armed forces and security forces. Considering the needs in this regard, GES Engineering has developed an innovative solution, the Multi-Purpose Portable Tower.

Armed forces and security forces; They need solutions that will dominate the environment in the fight against terrorism, cross-border operations, combating irregular migration and smuggling, temporary and fixed base areas, refugee accommodation camps, protecting critical facilities and land and sea borders, and many more. Towers are one of the leading ways to maintain this dominance. However, these operational scenarios require mobile or field installable solutions. GES Engineering's Multi-Purpose Portable Tower solution has been developed to meet exactly this need.

Multi-Purpose Portable Tower, in which radars, communication devices, electro-optical systems, weapons and similar payloads can be integrated, provides significant advantages and flexibility in situational awareness and tactical superiority.

Multi-Purpose Portable Tower, these advantages and flexibility; easy to transport and set up; ability to work in the field for a long time and with high reliability in all weather conditions; suitability for versatile use and payload integration; be able to perform manned or unmanned missions according to the operational needs; It offers tower and payloads thanks to the fact that it can be remotely commanded with the 3G module.

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