Gazi University Will Recruit 4 Contracted IT Staff

Gazi University
Gazi University

In order to be employed full-time in Gazi University Computer Center, “Additional Article 375 of the Decree Law No. 6” and “Large-Scale Information Processing of Public Institutions and Organizations” published in the Official Gazette dated 31/12/2008 and numbered 27097. In accordance with Article 8 of the Regulation on the Principles and Procedures Regarding the Employment of Contracted Information Technology Personnel in their Units, 4 (four) Contracted Information Technology Personnel will be recruited.

2020 percent (seventy) of the KPSS P3 score obtained in the 70 Public Personnel Selection Examination (the KPSS score of the candidate who does not have a KPSS score or does not submit a document is considered as 70 (seventy)) and YDS or the international equivalent of YDS for YDS. The highest score according to the ranking to be made based on the sum of 30 percent (thirty) of the foreign language exam score (the foreign language score will be calculated as 0 (zero) for those who do not have an international foreign language exam score whose equivalence for YDS or YDS is accepted by the Higher Education Council or who do not submit a document) 10 (ten) solid candidates will be determined for each announced position, starting from the candidate who received it. A total of 02.09.2021 (four) contracted IT personnel will be recruited for the positions specified in the announcement, according to the order of success that will occur as a result of the oral/practical exam to be held by our Rectorate between 06.09.2021 and 4.

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Candidates are required to log in to the system through, upload the necessary documents to the system and complete the application process for the position to be applied for.

Candidates can only apply to the most suitable field from the announced positions. Applications for more than one position are not accepted.
Candidates' educational status will be obtained through Higher Education Information System web services. If the education programs in the preferred position and the applied field are not suitable, the application process cannot be carried out.

2020 KPSSP3 points of the candidates will be taken through ÖSYM web services. (The KPSS score of the candidate who does not have a KPSS score or does not submit a document is considered as 70 (seventy).)

The documents showing the candidates' ÜDS/YDS score must be uploaded to the system. If the relevant scores are not available, the document showing the UDS/YDS equivalent score obtained from other foreign language exams held in this language and accepted according to the "Foreign Language Exams Equivalences" determined by the OSYM Executive Board will be scanned and uploaded to the system. Foreign language score of those who do not submit documents is evaluated as 0 (zero).

The service document or documents approved by the stamp and wet signature of the candidates' professional experience in Software Development will be scanned and uploaded to the system. (For the verification of the documents, the contact addresses of the people who signed the documents should also be written on the documents. In addition, the periods after undergraduate graduation are taken into account when calculating the professional experience periods.)
In order to check the document showing that the candidates are working in the position to which they will apply, the barcode document obtained from the address should be downloaded and uploaded to the system.

Candidates are required to upload the documents showing the required certificates and qualifications in special conditions for each position to the system one by one. The qualifications required under the headings of General and Special Conditions are mandatory conditions and candidates must document that they meet the requirements.

Candidates will need to upload their detailed CVs to the system.

After the application process is completed, the application documents will be pre-checked by the personnel in charge, and in case of missing or incorrect documents uploaded, the application will be rejected. Candidates are required to follow up whether their applications have been approved or not, from the "My Applications" screen. Any application that does not show the phrase "Application Accepted" on the "My Applications" screen will not be evaluated by the relevant commission. Candidates whose applications are rejected will be able to apply again if they complete the missing documents and documents within the announcement period.

Application procedures are made between 02.08.2021 and 16.08.2021.

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