Free Aid Delivery to Disaster Areas Started with GKN Cargo

Free aid delivery to disaster areas with gkn cargo has started
Free aid delivery to disaster areas with gkn cargo has started

Forest fires from all over Turkey are concentrated in our southern provinces. An atmosphere of mobilization emerged as the fire threatened the settlements. Gökhan Akyürek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GKN Cargo, stated that they will do their best to ensure that the relief materials reach their destination in our districts declared as disaster areas. Our citizens who want to deliver their urgent needs to the disaster area can contact us, we will transport them free of charge. In addition, we set off for Bodrum and Marmaris with the requested 5 trucks of water and the cooling vehicles we have. We call on everyone to take responsibility," he said.

Turkey is struggling with fires that started all over the country. Thousands of hectares of forest areas were destroyed, settlements were evacuated, and 8 of our citizens lost their lives in the fires that concentrated in our southern provinces and continued for more than a week.

Emphasizing that logistics is one of the most important needs in disaster areas, GKN Cargo Chairman of the Board Gökhan Akyürek said, “We know the importance of delivering the collected aid to the right place at the right time and we take responsibility. We invite our citizens who want to send the list of needs published by our municipalities in the disaster area to contact us.


Gökhan Akyürek said, “We are ready to allocate all 65 vehicles we have for this job,” and said, “We set off for Marmaris and Bodrum on August 5, with 5 truckloads of water and 2 cooling vehicles within our body, which were specified as urgent needs. We're ready to ship more today. It is our call to our citizens; we are sending as much help as we can. By following the needs lists of municipalities, they can reach us and we can create a bridge of aid to disaster areas.


Expressing that bulk shipments will eliminate logistics problems, Akyürek said, “For bulk shipments, they can reach us at 444 10 63 contact address. We increased the number of our call center employees in order to answer all calls. We will send even if there is a truck that goes as the aid is collected, our goal is to fill all our vehicles, to create a non-stop aid bridge,” he concluded.

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