Expropriations for Bursa Bandırma High Speed ​​​​Train Project Begin at the End of the Year!

Expropriations for the bursa bandirma high-speed train project begin at the end of the year
Expropriations for the bursa bandirma high-speed train project begin at the end of the year

Tender… It was held on 20 August last year. According to the project, a total length of 201 kilometers Bandırma-Bursa-Yenişehir-Osmaneli High Standard Railway Line'56 kilometers of Bursa-Yenisehir between the 50-kilometer section Akdeniz-Osmaneli will be made between

Your line…

95 kilometers of Bursa-Bandirma will be built between


Akdeniz-Osmaneli in the department project ground and landslides because of ripage at the size of the itinerary change work continues and the contractor's loan Treasure for disapproving new loan The search continues.

For that reason O

In the freight-weighted project, the train Bursa'or when may come not clear yet, but Bursa-Karacabey-Bandırma There are improvements on the line.


The contractor firm Kalyon Construction Home Karacabey'but also Dip'in two separate environmental impact information held the meeting.

The project…

Bursa-Karacabey-Bandırma in line ÇED Since the report is not required, Kalyon Construction Project Manager Dağhan Kılıç only informed. Karacabey'de Karacabey Mayor Ali Ozkan ve Dip'da Yavuz Subasi, AK Party Deputy Balikesir attended the meetings.

On the route ...

karacabey for TEKNOSAB ve Taslik Districtwhat two stations will be done last week Karacabey Mayor Ali Ozkan had explained. Bandirma Station'what if Bandırma 17 September Stadium behind Corozman to be made in place Dip announced at the meeting.

The point that caught our attention in the statements made in the two meetings was as follows:

40 kilometers long 95 minutes Bursa-Karacabey-Bandırma According to the project announced to be finalized for the line expropriation with a width of 35 meters on the route to do.

If expropriations towards the end of the year will start.

When that happens…

The contractor firm “We aim to finish in 3 years” It means that we will talk about the project he said at a longer time.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Event

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