New Generation Communication Satellite Export from Turkey to Argentina

Export of new generation communication satellite from turkey to argentina
Export of new generation communication satellite from turkey to argentina

Under the auspices of the Presidency of Defense Industries, the signing ceremony of the ARSAT-SG1 Satellite Project, Turkey's first satellite export, was held between TAI, GSATCOM and INVAP. President of the Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, TAI, GSATCOM and INVAP officials attended.

Speaking at the ceremony, President of the Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir said, “With the contract we signed today, our defense industry continues to contribute to the goals of the National Space Program and carries its capabilities in this field abroad. The project to be realized by Turkey's satellite manufacturer, TAI, together with its subsidiary GSATCOM Space Technologies AŞ, will be recorded as the first export of our country's new generation communication satellite family technologies in the field of satellite technologies. said.

The satellite, which will meet the communication needs of Argentina's National Telecommunication Company ARSAT in South America, is planned to serve in Earth Synchronous Orbit for at least 15 years. ARSAT-SG1 Satellite, which will be designed with high output capacity and electric propulsion solution, is planned to be delivered in 2024.

Within the scope of ARSAT SG1 Satellite, information about the mission areas of the companies and the domestic / foreign main / subcontractors of the satellite to be exported was not shared.

In addition, it was noteworthy that GSATCOM Space Technologies AŞ did not take part in IDEF 2021 as a participant company.



New Generation Communication Satellites Product Family; It is a cost-effective communication satellite concept with a relatively narrow volume configuration that can meet traditional communication satellite functions such as television broadcasting, multimedia applications, mobile and fixed internet access, secure communication without performance degradation.

These satellites, which are defined as "Small-GEO" (contracted volume communication satellites) in the global market, draw attention with their low production and launch costs compared to conventional communication satellites, and high performance broadcast and communication solutions.

As an advantage of scalable design and flexible payload, Small-GEO satellites are subject to different levels of design processes according to different needs, and it can be said that it has a positive position in terms of preference for the end user and customer institution.

Communication satellites whose volume can be reduced by optimizing with its electric propulsion system technology; It is configured to serve with or without encryption in Ka, Ku, X, C, S, L, UHF and other frequency bands that can be defined according to end-user needs.

Since the communication satellites with narrowed volume are equipped with new generation electric propulsion systems, the mass of the satellite sent to space can be reduced, and thus, more than one communication satellite can be fitted on a launcher, resulting in significant launch costs savings.

Developed to meet a wide range of customer requirements, the family of compacted-volume satellites is resizable and basically optimized in detail and precisely with a modular design approach method. The narrow-volume product family is designed to serve all kinds of complex communication missions for military and civilian purposes, with a system capacity of 0,5 to 2 tons in the space segment.

The new generation communication satellites product family provides unique advantages for end users:

  • Significantly Optimized Satellite Initial Investment (CAPEX)
  • Short Integration Time and Fast Delivery
  • High Output Capacity (HTS: High-Throughput System)
  • Software Based Flexible Communications Payload
  • Fully Compatible with Most Launchers Stack and Rideshare Configuration
  • All Electric Propulsion System
  • Minimum 15 Years Design Life

Strategic Advantages

  • Software Based Flexible Communications Payload
  • Orbit Transfer and Orbit Maintenance with Electric Propulsion System
  • Multiple Launch Configuration
  • Cost Effective System Solution

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