Excavation Works in Bursa City Hospital Metro Start This Month End

bursa city hospital metro
bursa city hospital metro

If… Council of state had not canceled the tender, Bursaray 'i last station Labor'th City Hospital 'The construction would have progressed considerably after the foundation was laid on April 2 for the line, which will transport the entire underground line.


The new tender, the results of which we announced in these columns on May 9, some changes in the project given the opportunity to do so.


Passage'In the first project, the station, which included a part of the mosque, was moved 500 meters forward, and some points were reworked.

for 2 days…

Mudanya Road 'at, Labor Station-Pass between red marks on asphalt We see.

Mark up…

Event'i come to visit Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaşwe asked

“Yes, the excavations begin” he said and gave the following information:

“Recently, we held a meeting that lasted 4 hours with the participation of our AK Party Provincial Chairman, our deputies, our General Manager of Infrastructure Investments and our Metropolitan Secretary General.”


“We discussed the details of the metro line to be extended to the City Hospital. We even talked about expropriations and the shops on the route.”

He explained:

“After the second tender, the contractor company completed the project changes and preparations. Now, with the excavation, construction begins on Mudanya Road.”

He also said when the work will begin:

“In the first stage, the overpass on the Mudanya road will be dismantled. Again, with the arrangements on the route, service roads will be arranged and opened. Then at the end of the month, the pickaxe for the subway will be struck.”

He particularly highlighted:

“During the construction of the metro line, we are taking all measures to prevent traffic disruption on Mudanya Road. For example, two lanes will remain open in both directions on the road. In addition, service roads will be active. Those who wish can use the main road, and those who wish can use the service roads.”

The date is:

“We are starting excavations at the end of this month to open the metro line in 2023.”

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Event

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