Damage Assessment Works in the Flood Area Completed

Damage assessment studies in the flood area have been completed
Damage assessment studies in the flood area have been completed

📩 20/08/2021 15:44

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has completed the determination of the damaged structures in Kastamonu, Bartın and Sinop, which were affected by the floods.

In his statement, General Manager of Construction Works Aslan gave information about the damage assessment studies carried out in the flood area.

Stating that as the Ministry, they have been working nonstop in the region under the coordination of the Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum from the first moment of the flood, Aslan said, “Right after the flood, we first went to Bartın and then to Kastamonu and Sinop. We are in the region with our mobile laboratories, drones with special software and unmanned aerial vehicles.” said.


Stating that the damage assessment work they carried out with a team of 600 people in Kastamonu, Bartın and Sinop has ended as of today, Aslan said, “In this context, we first identified the areas affected by the flood. Then, we identified the damaged structures in these areas, based on the information we received from our mukhtars and district governors. Afterwards, our teams went to the designated addresses and completed the damage assessment work there. We conducted a sensitive study in all flood-affected areas. At the moment, there is no house we have not entered.” he said.


Underlining that as the Ministry, they have mobilized all opportunities, Aslan continued as follows:

“We have determined the damage of 128 independent units in 2 buildings in 405 neighborhoods and villages in Kastamonu. We examined 11 independent units in 256 buildings in 104 neighborhoods and villages in 263 districts in Sinop. Again, we conducted investigations in 89 buildings and 165 independent units in 4 neighborhoods and villages in the Ulus district of Bartın. We have determined that 109 independent units in 2 buildings will be demolished immediately and 132 independent units in 9 buildings are heavily damaged. So far, we have demolished 380 buildings in Sinop, 188 buildings in Bartın and 299 buildings in Kastamonu. Another 25 buildings identified will be demolished.”

Aslan said, “After the buildings to be demolished urgently, the heavily damaged structures will also be demolished in the coming period.” said.


Stating that Turkey is in a much better position than many other countries in the field of damage assessment, Aslan said:

“We are always ready for disasters with an experienced and well-equipped team. However, there is a very sensitive situation here. As the Ministry, we can demolish damaged structures that should be demolished under normal conditions within 2 days, but we are working in a sensitive environment. That's why we have to be more careful and careful. Indeed, we have lost lives. Our search and rescue efforts continue. We also carry out our work very carefully and diligently in order to ensure the fastest return to normal life.”

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