Charging Stations Established in 28 Parks for Disabled Citizens in the Capital

A charging station was established in the park for disabled citizens in the capital.
A charging station was established in the park for disabled citizens in the capital.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has implemented the project that will enable battery-powered vehicles to be charged in order to facilitate the life of disabled citizens. 28 charging stations in international standards in 36 recreation areas and prestige parks will provide free service to disabled citizens using battery-powered vehicles.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement projects that will facilitate the lives of disabled citizens and enable them to participate in social life.

The Environmental Protection and Control Department will provide free service to disabled citizens with a total of 28 charging stations at international standards in Ankara's 36 recreational areas and prestige parks, which are heavily used.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed an important project for disabled individuals, has so far established 3 of the charging stations compatible with all battery-operated vehicles in international standards, where 34 disabled vehicles can be charged at the same time.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which will start to install a charging unit in Beypazarı Atatürk Park on August 9, plans to complete the installation of a charging station in Etimesgut Gazi Park by August 1.

Thanks to the 1,5-meter-long porch, the stations that provide shade during charging and the instant charging status can be followed on the display will provide a sigh of relief to the disabled citizens who are worried about running out of battery charge.

Disabled citizens, who are afraid of walking around the parks in the city due to the charging problem, will now have the opportunity to walk around the green areas with peace of mind thanks to these stations.


Stating that they have implemented a new technological application for disabled citizens using electric wheelchairs, Environmental Protection and Control Department Head Hasan Muhammet Güldaş gave the following information:

“We continue to work to make our capital more modern and to provide a city where all our citizens are happier by meeting their needs. In line with the demands of our esteemed President, we are placing our charging station devices in 28 recreation areas, especially in prestige parks, in order to ensure that the disabled vehicles can spend a long time when they come to the parks and to bring solutions to this. After seeing the results of this application, we will increase the number of stations even more. We hope it will be beneficial and make serious contributions to facilitating the lives of disabled citizens.”


Disabled citizens with a battery-powered vehicle will be able to watch the current information, news and promotions of the Metropolitan Municipality, thanks to the screen at the charging station, while charging their vehicles without getting bored.

A total of 36 charging units will serve disabled citizens at the following 28 addresses in Başkent:

  • Youth Park (2 units),
  • Göksu Park (2 units),
  • Wonderland (2 pcs),
  • Mogan Recreation Area (2 units),
  • Altinpark (2 units),
  • Metropolitan Building Garden (1 unit),
  • Güvenpark (1 unit),
  • Dikmen Valley (2 units),
  • Abdi İpekçi Park (1 unit),
  • Hacı Bayram Mosque (1 unit),
  • August 30 Victory Park (1 unit),
  • Bar 1 Dam (1 unit),
  • Bayindir Dam (1 unit),
  • Independence Park (1 unit),
  • Beypazarı Atatürk Park (1 unit),
  • Demetevler Park (1 unit),
  • Butterfly Water Park (1 unit),
  • Kuscagiz Family Life Center (1 unit),
  • Xinjiang Pet Park (1 unit),
  • Esertepe Muhammed Ali Park (1 unit),
  • Keçiören Pets Park (1 unit),
  • Ali Dinçer Park (1 unit),
  • 50th Anniversary Park (1 unit),
  • Ovecler Valley (2 units),
  • Republic Park (1 unit),
  • Adnan Ötüken Park (1 unit),
  • North Ankara Recreation Area (2 units),
  • Etimesgut Gazi Park (1 unit).

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