Campaign Call from ESBAŞ with All 430 Employees Vaccinated

esbas reached full inoculation rate
esbas reached full inoculation rate

All employees of ESBAŞ, which provides service in many different areas in the Aegean Free Zone, where approximately 430 thousand people are employed, with a total of 21 employees, have completed their vaccinations. From the moment the pandemic started, ESBAŞ managed to keep the epidemic under control in the Region with the measures it took quickly in its service areas, and set an example with the sensitivity of its employees on vaccines. ESBAS Executive Board Chairman Dr. Faruk Güler suggested that companies that have reached the full vaccination rate should announce their situation to the public and that the process should be managed as a campaign to raise awareness.

ESBAŞ, which manages Turkey's largest free zone in terms of trade volume and employment, announced that all 430 employees have completed their vaccinations, and suggested that all companies that have reached the full vaccination rate disclose their situation to the public.

Reminding that in line with the recommendations of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee, the Covid-19 vaccines started to be applied outside of hospitals and family physicians, they took action quickly and started to make vaccines at ESBAŞ OSGB, which provides health services to Aegean Free Zone employees. Güler drew attention to the fact that they were the first industrial zone in the country to take action in this regard. Explaining that at the current stage, all 430 employees of ESBAŞ have been vaccinated, Dr. Güler said, “We are proud to announce this. We recommend that companies like us that have reached the full vaccination rate should also disclose this development to the public. In this way, we can create a new sensitivity in the society by starting a new campaign. As ESBAŞ, we consider ourselves as responsible corporate citizens and act by thinking about the people around us as much as we think about ourselves.”

Emphasizing that they are a company that has been sensitive since the beginning and tries to inform its employees about the spread of vaccination, Dr. Güler said, “Because it is the most effective tool in the fight against a virus that has taken humanity captive, getting the Covid-19 vaccine is not just a matter of concern to an individual's own health. It is also a social problem. For this reason, it is necessary to correctly inform people who have judgments against the vaccine and to direct them to reconsider the decisions they made under the influence of false sensations.

ESBAŞ's Sensitivity Has Been Provided With Effective and Continuous Promotion

Dr. Faruk Güler said that since the beginning of vaccination in Turkey, as ESBAŞ, they have constantly shared scientific data about vaccines from reliable sources with their employees, and they have created a strong sensitivity in their companies with written and visual materials explaining the necessity of vaccination in the fight against Covid-19. Underlining that ESBAŞ is a company that strictly implements occupational health and safety standards in order to ensure the health and safety of its employees, it also has a highly sensitive corporate identity regarding social responsibility. Güler said: “As the subject of vaccination concerns both the individual health of our employees, the health of the employees in the Region we serve, and the public health in general, it has become an issue that we cannot remain indifferent to. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have prepared numerous promotional materials explaining how dangerous the Covid-19 virus is, that it should not be taken lightly and that masks, distance and hygiene should not be compromised for protection. We have mobilized all our communication opportunities in this regard and have ensured that ESBAŞ members are sensitive about Covid-19 from the very beginning. Then vaccines came into play, and this time we covered the necessity of vaccination to get rid of this disease and that this is essential for social health as well as individual health. At ESBAŞ, there is always communication carried out in an extremely free environment. In our company, we have an understanding that advocates not only taking responsibility for a subject, but also taking all the responsibilities required by being a good citizen and a good person in general. We act together on the path we know to be right. We explained that being vaccinated is also the right choice, and we have reached a 100 percent vaccination rate without forcing any of our friends and without applying any sanctions.”

All Organizations Should Take Responsibility

Dr. Faruk Güler emphasized that the fact that the vaccination rates have not reached the desired level in order to ensure social immunity in Turkey has started to increase the risks in terms of education, health and economy, and said, “The sensitivity of the people of ESBAS about vaccination, thanks to numerous introductory and informative studies that have been processing scientific data since the beginning of the pandemic. was developed. Most recently, we held a CEO Communication Meeting with the participation of all our employees, and there we emphasized the necessity of being in strong solidarity and fulfilling our responsibilities towards our business and society in order to fully overcome the problem, even though we went through the most difficult period together. We have used and are using all methods for correct communication. There are few other companies that promote this issue as intensely as we do. It is necessary to use the power of correct information against false information. There is a need for effective studies to ensure that everyone involved in working life, especially in industrial zones, is properly informed about vaccines. All institutions and organizations must take responsibility," he said.

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